Jorg Wolf Foundation Donates Food & Non-Food Items to Vulnerable Groups

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By Esther Wright

Every year, the New Apostolic Church extends a compassionate hand to those in need through the Jorg Wolf Foundation, reaching out to vulnerable and elderly groups, disabled, amputees across the country. Through the Foundation’s efforts, the church provides essential food and non- food items, offering vital support and comfort to those facing challenging circumstances in various communities.

With a dedicated commitment to help, 10,000 Euros was allocated to provide the essential support to Wordu Vulnerable Group in Kono District, Yawei Vulnerable Group in Kailahun District and institutions like the Paul School of the Blind in Bo District and the Kabala School of the Blind in Koinadugu District, Norway Amputee Camp in Kenema and the Magburaka Amputee Camp.

Led by the Church Country Representative, Abubakarr Mansaray, the Church Country Administrator reaffirmed its dedication to serving those in need further echoing the belief that giving back is a reflection of the divine teachings of Jesus Christ.

During the distribution, Abubakarr Mansaray emphasized the importance of utilizing the provisions wisely, urging beneficiaries not to sell them.

The Church’s Country Representative emphasized Christ’s compassion for the needy and urged other organizations to extend kindness to marginalized members of society who struggle to make ends meet.

In the Wordu Vulnerable Group beneficiaries were overwhelmed with joy, expressing their gratitude through dances and heartfelt celebrations as their essential need for food, among others was met. This provision not only fulfilled their immediate need but also provided a sense of security and hope for the future, reaffirming the New Apostolic Church’s vital role in uplifting and supporting marginalized communities.

At the Paul School of the Blind, though unable to see the physical expressions of generosity, their hearts were lifted by the tangible support provided them to meet their immediate needs.

As they held the items in their hands, they felt a sense of comfort, knowing that they could rely on the church’s unwavering support.

The joyous songs of appreciation echoed as they celebrated not only the sustenance provided but also the affirmation of their worth and dignity as valued members of society.

At the Kabala School of the Blind, a scared moment unfolded as the beneficiaries, despite their visual impairment, felt the profound impact of the New Apostolic Church benevolence.

They said in darkness they found light in the generosity of the church, reaffirming their belief in the power of faith and community to transform lives.

The other beneficiaries also expressed gratitude through joyful celebrations, highlighting the timely assistance amidst economic challenges. Their commitment to utilizing the items for their intended purposes underscores the invaluable impact of the church’s charitable endeavors.

The delegation from the church, included the Building Clerk, Joseph Ngebai, the Country Administrator, District Ministers and Apostles.


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