KADCO-SL Guarantees Production of Healthy Beverages

KADCO- Sierra Leone Limited products

By Amin Kef Sesay

Contrary to certain assertions making the rounds in certain circles that the licence of KADCO- Sierra Leone Limited will soon be suspended by the SLPP led Government, however, such has been proven by this medium as a total falsehood that has no iota or semblance of something that will transpire as currently the company does not stand guilty of any violation of laws governing its operations in the country.

KADCO, as a beverage producing company situated at Murray Town, Freetown with outlets all over the city and beyond has assured of its dogged continuation of its operations in the country despite the challenges encountered in the market as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Indisputably, because of the spread of the virus certain major entities have closed down their operations whilst others have downsized their staff due to bad business as a result of the COVID-19.

Management of KADCO, however, has this to say: “We will continue to supply the market to enable our proud customers and consumers of our products to enjoy our quality products.” They continued that the thriving business entity is committed to support the Government and People of Sierra Leone fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of the Ramadan and COVID-19, KADCO has been making series of donations to underprivileged people in the Murray Town Community as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility in addition to the huge amount of cash spent over the years championing various developments projects.

“Our support to the community is to further assure the nation that we are willing to stay and take an active part in Sierra Leone’s development. We have maintained our staff and have put in place good measures to protect them by providing them with enough COVID-19 protective gears and ensured a safe and healthy working environment for them,” Management of KADCO furthered.

KADCO (Sierra Leone) limited as earlier stated, is a beverage producing company that started distillery business in the suburb of Murray Town, Freetown in May 2011, and produces alcoholic, non-alcoholic, milky chocolate, sugar-free and most recently well purified bottled water forming part of its products.

The company is well known for producing the original bitter kola drinks and is the only distillery outfit in Sierra Leone that produces some of its beverages from well-selected plant extracts appreciated widely by the drinking public.

It works closely with the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau, the factory inspectorate of the Ministry of Labor, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the Ministry of Health, and other stakeholders to produce quality products in a healthy environment.

Its investments have not only helped in advancing development in its area of operation but the country as a whole where it has provided hundreds of factory jobs to Sierra Leoneans both at top management, middle-level, and lower levels. It has provided a training ground to lots of its staff to boost their capacity in producing beverages.

Through its policy of community investment, KADCO has increased the supply of electricity to much of western Freetown and has established a recycling program that pays cash for returned bottles which are no small feat in a country challenged with proper waste management.

As one of the few genuine investors Sierra Leone can be proud, KADCO has remained steadfast in its investment in Sierra Leone despite the ups and downs  the country has gone through.

Investigations conducted have revealed that KADCO has spent billions of Leones on various community development programs including awarding scholarships to deserving pupils, constructing schools, water wells, supporting both Christian and Muslim activities, sporting activities, youth empowerment among many others in its operational areas and even beyond.

KADCO since its inception in Sierra Leone has remained a very law-abiding company that honors all its legal responsibilities including prompt payment of taxes and every other financial and legal obligation to the Government.


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