Kaningo Community Receives Goodwill Gesture from Mahmoud ‘Nice Guy’

Mahmoud Kamara

By Alhaji Tamba -Sowa

On the April 4 2020, Mahmoud Kamara, popularly known as “De Nice Guy” once again demonstrated his innate God-given ability to reach out to others during good and bad times with the main aim of creating positive impacts that will change lives for the better.

A day before the 3 Day Lockdown the “small time philanthropist” donated 100 bundles of water, 10 bags of rice, 18 Veronica buckets, hand washing soaps and tissues among other items in a bid to cushion the economic effects that the lockdown will have on residents of the Kaningo Community, within Lumley in the West End of Freetown, amidst the intense fight against the deadly coronavirus. The donation was also meant for the people who benefitted to have access to basic items for consumption during the three day and at the same time to be used to prevent themselves from contracting the virus.

Receiving the items on behalf of the community, Madam Mariama Sesay and Nurse Daborh expressed profound thanks and appreciation to Nice Guy for what they described as a true humanitarian gesture during a critical moment when the whole world is grappling with the pandemic.

Nurse Daborh of the Kaningo Community Health Centre stated that they are in need of such items and advised the people to respect the health precautionary measures in order to protect community residents against the dreadful virus.

“You have proven to us today that indeed you are a true patriot who means well for the residents of this community. We do appreciate the gesture and pray that Allah will continue to bless you and provide for you so that you will do more for residents of this community,” Madam Sesay expressed gratitude. All those present including the Youth Leader voiced similar sentiments of appreciation.

Mahmoud Kamara aka Nice Guy revealed  that he will continue to support the community in order to fight the corona virus in the country but however cautioned young people to stay home and obey the regulations that the  Government and health specialists have put in place to stop the spread of the virus. He said he always feels good to render assistances maintaining that as a fervent Muslim he believes in helping individuals whenever it is possible for him to do so.

It could be recalled that on the 15 February 2020 he donated football kits which include a full set of jerseys, two (2) set of beeps and three standard  footballs all worth millions of Leones to the Kaningo Community Football team.


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