Kidnapper Declared Wanted

Ransford Mike

By Amara Samura

Report reaching this medium last night indicates that one Ransford Mike of No: 7 Bombay Lane in the East End part of Freetown has been declared wanted by both Police and secret society members for allegedly kidnapping one Princess Bangura in Freetown.

According to sources close to the lady’s family, the father, Mr. Alie Bangura don’t want the relationship between his daughter Princess and Ransford because they do not come from the same religion. He claimed that they are Muslims while the husband is a Christian.

The father insisted that his daughter should only  marry to her cousin one Albert Bangura who was reported to have raped and impregnated her but Princess stood her grounds that she does not want that relationship because of the manner in which the man treated her.

Sources say Princess threatened to take legal action against her cousin for raping her but her father refused on the grounds that it will seriously affect the family and bring shame and stigma to them in the community.

The source said when Ransford proposed to the family that he wanted to marry Princess, the father refused on the grounds that they are not from the same religion. Because of this ugly development, Princess left his father’s house and ran away to Ransford.

When the father realized that his daughter has escaped to her fiancée, Ransford, he threatened to take drastic action against the man for allegedly kidnapping his daughter. The father is known to be a senior member of the most fearful secret society in that community. Independent sources say, the father in law has been accused of threatening to send members of his society to drastically deal with Ransford if he fails to release his daughter.

While the threat was ongoing both Ransford and Princess tied the knot to be husband and wife at a secret traditional wedding at the residence of the father’s elder brother on Sunday 12 July 2018.

This development according to family sources did not go down well with the father who immediately reported the matter to the East End Police Station.

On Saturday 20 July 2018, the Police sent an invitation letter to Ransford demanding him to report to the station for questioning regarding the kidnapping of his fiancée.

This development prompted both couples to escape to an unknown destination for fear of their lives following series of threats.



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