Koidu Limited Sierra Leone boosts the Security Sector

Newly constructed house

By Joenal Sesay

Koidu Limited has donated a two bedroom self-contained, VIP accommodation, fitted with not only furniture, but also beddings, bedroom freezer, water heater as well as a generator room and a public toilet, at the Tankoro Police Divisional headquarters in Kono.

The ceremony attracted high ranking security personnel from all over the country including AIGs from Kenema and Freetown, the Local Unit Commander of Motema, Mr. Ronald Turay, the new Office of National Security boss and Inspector General of Police Dr. Richard Moigbe himself who made the keynote address, cut the tape and declared the house open.

In his keynote address, the IG did not mince his words in showering praises on Koidu Limited, adding that Koidu’s unflinching support to the security sector of Sierra Leone as a whole has been remarkable, citing instances like the Motema Police Station, the Kimbadu Police Station etc. He told all present that Koidu Limited is not only complying with the local content policy, but has stood the test of time in all the challenges Sierra Leone has gone through.

Present at the ceremony were Mr. S B Gando, the Tankoro Chiefdom Speaker, who represented P.C. Saquee V and the Local Unit Commander of Tankoro, Mr. Gbow.




  1. Some basic facts are missing from this report and it is common with the way some of our journalists report the news/evens across the country. For eg. – Who/what is Koidu Limited? What do the do in SL? Where is it located? What necessitated the construction and hand over of the building? How is it going to benefit the people? Et al.

    Don’t you think your readers who are not familiar with such operations need to be well informed on the event you are reporting on? In reporting, you don’t assume that your audience know.

    Just my thoughts in good good faith.


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