Lands Minister Sets the Pace on Fight Against COVID19

    Minister of Lands, Dr. Dennis Sandy

    By Edward Vamboi

    It cannot be for nothing that the recent Integrity Score Card puts the Minister of Lands Dr. Dennis Sandy among the top six Cabinet Ministers in the country. Dr. Sandy is highly innovative and always full of new ideas.

    In a recent interview which video has gone viral on Social Media, Dr. Sandy came up with an idea to curb the spread of Corona Virus if it were to enter this country which most Ministers and other MDAs will soon be emulating.

    Since members of the public have taken to visiting people of high repute in society Dr Sandy saw the need for measures to be taken that will help stem the spread of Corona Virus in the country throwing crowding in one place.

    In the video Dr Sandy who described the Lands Ministry as “the people’s Ministry” said that members of the public who want something done in the Ministry must make it a must to book appointments from his Secretary.

    Dr Sandy said that unlike the past days when he stayed late at the Ministry to settle land matters, from now the office will be closed at 6pm.

    Minister Sandy disclosed that Veronica buckets and soap have been provided at every entrance to the Ministry which all members of public must make use of before entering the Ministry and on leaving it.

    Siting by the side of his Deputy, Mr. Rex Bonapha, Dr. Sandy encouraged all to adhere to the new idea so that Corona will not be given the chance to thrive in this country.


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