Lands Ministry Hosts Comprehensive Orientation for SLAAP Interns

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

The Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Country Planning recently organized a two-day orientation program for interns participating in the Sierra Leone Lands Association Project (SLAAP). The program, held on August 30th and 31st, 2023, at the Ministry’s Conference Room in Youyi Building, Freetown, aimed to equip interns with essential skills and knowledge for their upcoming roles and responsibilities.

The opening ceremony began with a warm welcome speech by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, who highlighted the significance of comprehensive training in preparing the interns for their future undertakings. Emphasizing the vital role of the interns in the success of SLAAP, the Permanent Secretary encouraged them to excel and collaborate effectively with the project’s administration.

Underlining the Government’s commitment to youth empowerment, the Permanent Secretary stressed that investing in the development of young talents is crucial for the nation’s progress. He urged the interns to grasp the opportunity and overcome the challenges posed by the competitive job market.

Mrs. Phylis Kormoh, the Honorable Deputy Minister of Lands, commended the presence of gender diversity among the interns, recognizing it as a positive step towards empowering women in the nation’s advancement. She expressed the Ministry’s willingness to consider employing successful interns, further motivating them to excel in their training.

Tamba Dauda, the Director of Lands and Survey, delivered a keynote speech encouraging interns to remain focused and committed. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the Ministry but also highlighted the ample opportunities for interns to contribute meaningfully.

He elaborated on the multifaceted responsibilities of the Ministry, extending beyond land matters to encompass affordable housing solutions and national planning. He emphasized that intern roles would actively support these crucial initiatives.

The intensive two-day orientation program provided interns with a solid foundation to enhance their skills and understanding of the field. With the support and guidance from esteemed Ministry officials, the interns are well-prepared to make valuable contributions to SLAAP and future projects within the Ministry.


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