Land’s Professional Head Talks on Measures to Tackle Land Management Issues

Tamba Dauda, the Professional Head of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, in an AYV televised program unveiled series of significant measures taken by the Ministry aimed at tackling critical issues in land management and development across the Western Area.

He disclosed a startling statistics, revealing that an alarming 80% of ongoing construction projects in the Western Area are undertaken without the requisite building permits which he said signals a serious breach of regulatory protocols. According to him, they have initiated a vigorous operation to identify and halt unauthorized construction activities, underlining the Government’s dedication to enforcing adherence to legal frameworks and fostering sustainable urban growth.

The Professional Head raised concerns regarding the escalating incidence of land grabbing in the Western Area, leading to encroachment and degradation of crucial forest reserves.

“The Ministry has taken a firm stance against this detrimental practice,” he disclosed stressing the importance of environmental preservation and the safeguarding of natural resources for both present and future generations.

Tamba Dauda pointed out that in a bid to promote transparency and fairness in land allocation, the Ministry introduced an innovative state land allocation model dubbed the “land raffle.” He maintained how the pioneering approach, successfully implemented in public settings three times since 2021, was aimed at  democratizing access to State land and bolster trust in the allocation process among stakeholders.

He emphasized how the Ministry has reiterated its commitment to upholding standards of accuracy and compliance in land development endeavours also underscoring that site plans featuring survey inaccuracies or lacking a valid root of title or master plan will face rejection by the Ministry stressing the significance of adhering to regulatory prerequisites for sustainable development.

The Professional Head mentioned that in an effort to enhance operational efficiency, the Ministry has assured stakeholders that private plans will undergo flawless processing and signing within a two-week timeframe, streamlining approval procedures and expediting project execution.

He ended up issuing a crucial advisory to the public, urging individuals to exercise due diligence and verify the authenticity of documents and claims before engaging in any land transactions.

“This precautionary measure is geared towards shielding citizens from potential fraud and legal entanglements associated with dubious land dealings,” he asserted.

He further emphasized how the Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Country Planning remains resolute in its commitment to promoting responsible land management practices, safeguarding property rights, and conserving the environment for the collective welfare of all Sierra Leonean citizens.



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