Madam Marian Samu Honored with 2023-2024 Excellent Award for Promoting Democracy and Peace

Madam Marian Angela Samu, Chairperson of the National Commission for Democracy (NCD), was on the 5th December, 2023 honored with the prestigious 2023-2024 Excellent Award by the Kono District Entertainment Network. This recognition celebrates her invaluable efforts in advancing democracy and fostering good governance in Sierra Leone.

The award, presented at her office in Youyi Building, Freetown, by Joseph Komba Kembey, President, and Mohamed Macauley, Secretary General of the Network, bears an inscription honoring Madam Angela Samu for her exceptional leadership at the NCD, acknowledging her immense contribution to peace-building and national development.

Joseph Komba Kembey emphasized that the award was a testament to Madam Samu’s tireless work in promoting peace and development, citing feedback gathered from five radio stations in the district through public phone-ins as the basis for her nomination.

Expressing her gratitude for the award, Madam Samu attributed the recognition to the unwavering support of her dedicated staff. She extended her appreciation to the Kono District Entertainment Network and the people of Kono for acknowledging her contribution to the district’s progress. Underlining the importance of youth involvement in advocating for peace and democracy, she highlighted the Commission’s efforts in educating citizens across the country for a peaceful electoral cycle in 2023.

Assuring continued collaboration with the Network, Madam Samu pledged to work closely with entertainers to impart democratic and civic values to the youth. She hinted at future programs where the Commission would prioritize collaboration with the Kono District Entertainment Network.

The award ceremony, witnessed by senior Commission members, was met with applause and appreciation, showcasing recognition for the Commission’s impactful work in the district by its members of staff.


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