Magistrate Hadiru Daboh Responds to Accusations in Kabala Market Dispute

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By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

Magistrate Hadiru Daboh, the Resident Magistrate for Koinadugu and Falaba Districts, has issued a statement clarifying recent allegations aimed at his court’s handling of a contentious case involving market traders in Kabala.

The case, heard in the Magistrate Court at Kabala, involves a private criminal summons filed by Mohamed Foday Kamara against six market traders: Edward Koroma, Chemor Jalloh, Isata Conteh, Katie Conteh, Mohamed Conteh, and Amie, all from Market Squire, Kabala town. Mohamed Foday Kamara accused the defendants of trespassing by constructing stalls on staircases leading to his residence.

Magistrate Daboh described the allegations against him as “vexatious, malicious and a calculated ploy to undermine the due process” of his court. He outlined the following key points:

1. Judgment Delivered: The judgment was issued after thorough hearings from both parties and two locus visits, one of which turned chaotic despite the presence of police officers and court officials.

2.The Defense Counsel is trying to put him in collision with the former Magistrate as such is evident in the fact that the  former has called upon the Master and Registrar to reinstate the former Magistrate. That shows he has his own games that he had been playing. However, nonetheless the fact remains that Magistrate Daboh is in a good relationship with the former Magistrate.

  1. Receipt Controversy: Daboh refuted claims of accepting a locus fee from Isata Conteh, stating he had no personal interaction with her outside of court proceedings and that the receipt in question was not authored by him.
  2. Compliance with Court Orders: The defendants were given two weeks to vacate Kamara’s property, a deadline which has since passed.
  3. Political Motivations: Daboh suggested that the demand for the return of Magistrate Fonnah to Kabala indicates political motivations behind the allegations.
  4. Attempts to Influence Judgment: The defendants’ lawyer allegedly made several attempts to influence Daboh’s decision, leading to the current complaints as a form of retaliation.

    Following a complaint to the Master, it was resolved that the defendants would file their appeal. On May 31, 2024, in an unexpected turn, the lawyer who made the allegations visited Magistrate Daboh’s house on May 31, 2024, to apologize for the spiteful claims.

    The defendants are charged with trespass, contrary to Section 15(1)(c) of the Public Order Act No. 46 of 1965. The alleged trespassing occurred between December 1, 2023, and March 10, 2024, despite warnings to vacate the premises at No. 1 Market Square, Kabala town.

    The complainant, Mohamed Foday Kamara, maintains his position, while the court awaits further developments as the defendants proceed with their appeal.

    Magistrate Daboh’s statement aims to clarify the judicial process and counter what he describes as baseless attacks on his integrity and the court’s proceedings.



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