Major Shake-up in the Armed Forces: 37 Officers Discharged for Various Infractions

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a sweeping move, the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) has discharged a total of 37 officers, ranging from Second Lieutenant to Colonel, following a decision made during a Defense Council (DC) meeting held on January 18, 2024. The Ministry of Defence issued a press release to inform the public about the developments.

The breakdown of the discharges is as follows:

Voluntary Discharge: Six officers, holding ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major, chose voluntary discharge.

Compulsory Discharge (AWOL): Eight officers, ranging from Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel, faced discharge due to extended absence without leave.

Compulsory Discharge (Subversion): A staggering eighteen officers, ranging from Lieutenant to Major, were discharged on grounds of alleged subversion.

Compulsory Discharge (Misconduct): Five officers, holding ranks from Lieutenant to Colonel, faced discharge for alleged misconduct.

Colonel Issa Bangura, the Director of Public Relations of the Ministry of Defense, highlighted that this decision aligns with Section 169 (1) of the Constitution of Sierra Leone Act No. 6 of 1991, along with other relevant provisions outlined in Sections 26 and 27 a and b of the Army Orders Act No. 1 of 1965 of R.SLAF.

The Ministry of Defence and the RSLAF emphasized that the details of the officers affected in these categories will be disclosed through the Sierra Leone Gazette. The move, initiated by the Defense Council, underscores a commitment to maintaining discipline and upholding the standards of the armed forces.

The discharged officers, including those alleged to be involved in subversion and misconduct, will now undergo the procedures outlined in the aforementioned legal instruments. This substantial discharge of officers reflects the military’s dedication to accountability and upholding the integrity of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces.


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