Milla Group/Pee Cee and Sons (PCS) Officially Inaugurate Milla Bypass Road

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

In a remarkable and continued effort to foster development within Sierra Leone, Milla Group/Pee Cee and Sons (PCS), in collaboration with the Community Development Committee officially inaugurated the Milla Bypass Road within the Fisher Lane Community, Freetown on Saturday, October 28, 2023. The project, which saw the rehabilitation of that vital road, was entirely funded through the CDAP Fund 2023-2026 by PCS and Milla Group, exemplifying their strong commitment to Corporate Social responsibility and community development.

The event brought together a distinguished gathering of top individuals, including esteemed community stakeholders, a representative from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and members of the Sierra Leone Police. The occasion marked a significant milestone for the Fisher Lane Community, representing one of the most substantial development initiatives in recent memory.

Janneh, the Vice-Chairman of the Community Development Committee opened the proceedings with a warm welcome to the assembled guests. He expressed heartfelt gratitude for everyone’s presence and stressed the monumental importance of the event, hailing it as a landmark achievement for the community. Janneh emphasized the Committee’s desire to establish a lasting legacy and ensure that future Executive members continue to build upon their work. The ultimate goal is to make the Fisher Lane Community a source of pride and to create opportunities that benefit all its residents.

Janneh’s opening remarks underscored the fundamental principles of transparency and progress that underpin the collaboration between Fisher Lane and Milla Group. He applauded Milla and PCS for their unwavering commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and highlighted the successful partnership between the companies and the community, which has led to the realization of numerous development projects, including improvements in water supply, education, sanitation, and the construction of roads. He commended the community for its exemplary stance against corruption and expressed optimism for future unity and continued development. He extended his gratitude to the security apparatus, specifically acknowledging Mr. Kamara for his leadership, and the entire community. He concluded with a promise that Milla and PCS would continue to set an example in community development, encouraging other companies to follow suit.

The Regional Commander for Freetown-East, ACP Dr. John Martin Senesie, expressed his gratitude to the local authorities and community members for their steadfast support in improving the roads within the East End of Freetown. Dr. Senesie emphasized the critical role of road infrastructure in supporting security operations and praised the cooperation between the Fisher Lane Community and the Sierra Leone Police. He assured the community that the Police Force is committed to serving them and encouraged residents to provide vital information and intelligence to assist in their efforts. His message was one of appreciation and a call for continued collaboration between the authorities and the community, highlighting the transformative impact of the new road and expressing the readiness of the Police to support the community in any way possible.

Representing the Member of Parliament, Councillor Bumpah Turay conveyed his deep appreciation for the Miller Group of Companies and PCS for their significant contributions to the Fisher Lane Community. He acknowledged the myriad challenges faced by the community, particularly concerning inadequate roads and water scarcity, and highlighted the extraordinary efforts made by Milla and PCS to provide support, including substantial improvements to infrastructure and scholarships for students, with a particular focus on promoting education for girls. Turay expressed his sincere gratitude for the companies’ work and underscored the profound positive impact they have had on the community. He commended Milla Group and PCS for their unwavering commitment to addressing the community’s needs, specifically in terms of enhancing water access and providing educational opportunities. He concluded by thanking and blessing Milla Group for their tireless efforts in making a positive difference in the community.

The General Manager of Milla Group, Rajesh Hemnani, began his statement by warmly greeting the community members and emphasizing that they are all part of one extended family. He recounted instances in which the Fisher Lane Community had extended its support to Milla Group during times of need, including a protest and a fire incident, highlighting the strong bond of reciprocity between the company and the community. Hemnani expressed his profound love for the community, underlining that all of the work he and the Milla Group have undertaken is a testament to that deep affection.

Hemnani went on to disclose that the initial budget for the road construction project last year was set at 300 Million Old Leones. However, this year, due to increased costs, the budget exceeded 600 Million Old Leones. He explained that these efforts were motivated by the love and support shown by the Fisher Lane Community, and he felt compelled to reciprocate this support.

The General Manager concluded by expressing gratitude to the Community Development Committee for their unwavering dedication to community development and thanked the community members for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend the program.

In a touching moment, the Community Development Committee Executive presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the Milla Group and offered a special gift to the General Manager, Rajesh Hemnani, in recognition of his remarkable contributions.

The event reached its climax with the official cutting of the ribbon, symbolizing the opening of the Milla Bypass Road, performed by the General Manager of Milla Group, accompanied by other distinguished officials in attendance.

This momentous occasion not only marked a new chapter in the Fisher Lane Community’s development but also served as an inspiring example of successful collaboration between corporate entities and local communities in Sierra Leone.

The completion of the Milla Bypass Road stands as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives and corporate responsibility, promising a brighter future for all those residing in the Fisher Lane Community.



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