Minister of Works Urged to Tackle Pothole Crisis in Freetown

Freetown's Pothole Nightmare as…

By Foday Moriba Conteh

The state of major streets in Sierra Leone’s capital city, Freetown, has raised concerns among residents and motorists alike as potholes have become a pervasive problem, impacting daily commuters and causing vehicular damage.

Streets like Circular Road and Fourah Bay Road, which are critical arteries of the city’s transportation network, currently resemble obstacle courses rather than smooth thoroughfares.

With the rainy season exacerbating the situation, the plight of Freetown’s roads has reached a breaking point, compelling citizens to call upon the Minister of Works and Public Assets, Dr Denis Sandy, to take immediate and decisive action. The deteriorating condition of these streets not only hampers traffic flow but also poses safety risks to pedestrians and drivers, leaving them vulnerable to accidents and injuries.

Circular Road, a vital route connecting various parts of the city, has turned into a perilous journey for motorists, navigating a maze of deep and treacherous potholes. Fourah Bay Road, a historical and bustling avenue, has also fallen victim to neglect, transforming into a bumpy obstacle course that strains vehicles and tests drivers’ patience.

Residents have expressed their frustration and concern, highlighting the detrimental effects of the road deterioration on their daily lives. Business owners along these routes have reported losses as customers and suppliers struggle to navigate the pitted streets, impacting economic activities and livelihoods.

The Minister of Works and Public Assets is urged to prioritize the restoration and maintenance of Freetown’s major streets. Prompt intervention is imperative to ensure the safety and convenience of citizens and visitors alike. The Ministry’s swift action to address the pothole crisis will not only enhance the city’s infrastructure but also alleviate the burden placed upon residents.

As the citizens of Freetown eagerly await a solution, they anticipate that the Minister of Works will recognize the urgency of the matter and allocate the necessary resources to expedite repairs and restore the city’s roadways to their former glory. The transformation of Circular Road, Fourah Bay Road, and other major streets is not only a matter of convenience but also a reflection of the Government’s commitment to the well-being and progress of the nation’s capital.

In the face of this pressing challenge, the citizens of Freetown unite in their call for action, hoping that their appeal resonates with the Minister of Works and leads to a swift and effective resolution to the ongoing pothole crisis. The revitalization of these roads will not only bring relief but also contribute to the overall enhancement of Freetown’s urban landscape, promoting a safer, smoother, and more vibrant city for all.


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