Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education Reveals 2023 WASSCE Results

In a much-anticipated release, the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) in Sierra Leone unveiled the results of the 2023 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). This annual examination, conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), marks a pivotal point in the academic journey of Sierra Leonean students and those across West African nations. Here are key highlights from the 2023 WASSCE results:

Record-Breaking Candidate Entry

The 2023 WASSCE saw an unprecedented surge in candidate entries, reaching a staggering 243,202 participants. This figure surpasses both the 2023 National Primary School Examination (NPSE) entry of 163,860 and the 2022 WASSCE entry of 206,874.

Gender Disparity in Entry:

Of the 230,973 candidates included in the results received by the MBSSE, 52.5% were female, demonstrating a continued trend of higher female participation in WASSCE.

Impressive Pass Rate:

The 2023 WASSCE achieved a remarkable pass rate of 83%, marking a substantial improvement compared to the pass rates of 64% and 77% in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

Benchmark Achievements:

The number of students obtaining the benchmark minimum of 5 credits in a single sitting reached an all-time high, with 137,796 candidates meeting this requirement. This is a significant increase from the 113,824 candidates in 2022, despite a considerable number of results still being withheld.

Top Achievers:

Two outstanding candidates, Raymonda E. Mammah and Sahr Edward Fillie, both from Providence International Senior High School, shared the top position in the 2023 WASSCE. They secured 8 A1s (excellent) and 1 B2 (very good), with an average grade/unit of 1.11 (excellent). Notably, 16 candidates in 2023 achieved higher average grades than the previous year’s top performer.

Exemplary School Performance:

Providence International Senior High School emerged as the best performing school, with all 185 of its candidates achieving credits or better in at least 5 subjects, including English Language and Mathematics. This accomplishment guarantees their eligibility for direct entry into university undergraduate degree programs.

University Entrance Requirements Met:

A remarkable 137,245 candidates met the university undergraduate degree program entry requirements by obtaining 5 credits, including a credit in either English Language or Mathematics, in a single sitting. This figure surpasses the 2022 count of 108,418, reflecting a substantial increase, even with the withholding of 34,525 results.

English Language Performance:

A cause for concern was the English Language performance, with only 17% of candidates achieving a credit or better.

Subject Performance:

While variations in performance across subjects were observed, overall performance in different subjects improved significantly compared to 2022. Key subjects witnessed notable increases in the number and percentage of candidates achieving grades A1 to C4.

District Performance:

District-wise, 2023 exhibited improved performance compared to the previous year, with an average grade range of 5 to 6 (credit grade range). The best-performing district had 79.4% of candidates achieving credits or better in 5 or more subjects, including English Language and/or Mathematics. A total of 11 out of 16 districts had over 90% of their candidates obtaining a minimum of 3 credits in subjects taken.

Commitment to Examination Integrity:

Recognizing concerns about the integrity of examinations, the MBSSE is actively collaborating with WAEC and other agencies to eliminate malpractices. The public can expect to be informed about actions taken against individuals and entities involved in malpractices in the 2023 WASSCE. WAEC has already withheld 34,525 results pending ongoing investigations.

Detailed and comprehensive performance reports for the 2023 WASSCE will be accessible on the MBSSE website on Tuesday evening. The release of results to schools commenced on October 2nd, providing students and educators with valuable insights into their achievements and areas for improvement.


  1. All these updates or information make up an idea ,but the problem here is ,waec have supervisors supervising public exams ,some schools there result were withheld without no good reasons ,and these acts is actually putting or contributing back to the down fall of education in this country ,and if these results are not release with requirements then definitely Government of the day had fail in the area of education ,,or are u people not happy when the pupils are having good grades in the various subjects? Why then do u wants them to study ? Or u people just wants them to waste their energy?


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