MP Alex Mattia Rogers Outshines In China

Hon. Alex Mattia Rogers displaying his certificate

By Theresa Kef Sesay

Member of Parliament for Constituency 102 in the Pujehun District, Hon. Alex Mattia Rogers, lifted Sierra Leone to another level in China when he participated in the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and Tourism seminar.

The People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce and Tourism in collaboration with Sierra Leone Ministry of Tourism and other line ministries across the world conducted the seminar which lasted for a month.

The training targeted 6 continents and 22 countries and focused on tourism, cultural cooperation and trade.

Hon. Alex Mattia Rogers explained that his participation on the seminar came through the invitation that was extended to the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Tourism.

He said two Members of Parliament from Sierra Leone including the Principal Clerk and representative from the Ministry of Tourism went for the training last month.

Among the 22 countries, Hon. Alex Mattia Rogers was elected leader during the training and during the gradation he was appointed to give the graduation speech.

He described the training as one that means a lot pointing out that the bilateral relationship between the two countries is remarkable.

He said China Tourism sector is well improved which he said Sierra Leone is yearning to have such.

Hon. Alex Mattia Rogers went on to commend the Tourism and Cultural Minister of Sierra Leone as a loyalist to national development. He said President Bio made no mistake in appointing her in that Ministry as with such woman that Ministry will be transformed.

He disclosed that they were going to submit a report to Parliament and the Tourism Ministry for them to implement what they have learned.

“I don’t have any doubt in this Government that they are ready to promote tourism as we have natural beaches that can attract tourists among other things.”

He said the tourism sector is high on the President Bio’s agenda and with such he believes that Sierra Leone will develop and tourism will raise revenue for the Government.

The magnificent showdown of Hon. Alex Mattia Rogers has caused him to uncontestably become a member of that particular institution


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