Murder Suspect Fails To Appear In Court in Sierra Leone

Kallie Thoronka: Declared Wanted

By Karifa Sawaneh  

Kallie Thoronka, a resident of Alikalia Town in the Koinadugu District, is reported to have disappeared from the township on the 6th September 2017, after notice was issued by the Sierra Leone Police in the District on allegation of stabbing of one Amadu Sawaneh in Koinadugu district, who is said to have died later from his wounds.

According to the investigating officer in Kabala Town, Salifu Kamara, when the accused, Kallie Thoronka, heard that he is wanted by the police, he escaped from the district. He further disclosed that during their investigation of an alleged murder by the suspect, a team of investigators, led by him visited the scene of crime in Alikalia Town, where they discovered the body of Amadu Sawaneh (the victim) lying on the street. The body has wounds on the eyes and blood smeared over the victim’s head. The police officers then took photos of the scene and details about Kallie Thoronka from the Town Chief. After getting details from the Chief, they then took the corpse to the district head quarter town hospital.

However, according to one eye witness, Tamba Marah, who was also a member of a Secret Society (Nyenne Society), Kallie Thoronka had returned from Freetown, where he had lost his immediate Family members to the Mudslide that hit Freetown on the 14th August 2017 and was staying with his uncle, Ferenk Thoronka, in the township. Adding that after staying with him for some time, his Uncle, Ferenk Thoronka, asked Kallie to join the Nyenne Society in the Township, but he refused to join them.

Explaining how the incident happened, another eye witness by the name of Foday Sawanneh, told this writer that Kallie Thoronka was in a room in Alikalia Town when a group of young men appeared, singing and dancing Society songs.

The witness further stated that Kallie, who does not understand the tradition and had refused to join the Society, opened his room window to enquire what was going on and in a matter of seconds, before he could close the window, bolt his door and hide, other members of the society had already seen him and immediately rushed into the room, kicking the door open.

Foday Marah further stated that members of the society who were outside began performing some ceremonies with the aim of forcefully initiating Kallie immediately he is brought out of the room. He disclosed that a serious scuffle ensued between Kallie and the other members who were in the room.

With tears in his eyes, he said that during the fighting between Kallie Thoronka and the group of society men in the room, Kallie stabbed one of the society men, who incidentally happened to be his close friend. “That is my close friend,” Foday said. He maintained that after an hour of fighting and into the compound, Kallie managed to escape and has since then not been seen in the Village.

The head of the police investigating team, Salifu confirmed to this Press that the murder case is still under serious investigation and a Warrant of Arrest has been put out for Kallie Thoronka plus a bounty or ransom for any information leading to his arrest.






  1. This is what happen in this village the government have to do something they are involving lot of our youth into secret society to replace their father


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