National Peace Matching/Walking/Jogging Day – April 29th 2023


On 29 April 2023, the Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion (ICPNC) will be organizing a National Peace Matching/Walking/Jogging Day under the theme “I STAND FOR PEACE”. This event is hoping to attract up to Five Million Citizens from all works of life across all 16 political and administrative districts in Sierra Leone. Participants will include members from the following groups:

  • Youth Groups
  • Women’s Groups
  • Market Women
  • Old Folks
  • School Groups
  • Football and Athletics Groups
  • Bike and Kekeh Riders Association
  • Ghetto Boys and Girls
  • Professional Institutions (Bankers, Lawyers, Journalists etc)
  • The Business Class (Mobile Companies, Mining Companies, Trade and Export Companies etc)

Prior to the event, IPCNC will engage Leaders of these various groups in all the districts and hold meetings with them to plan this Nationwide event. Some of the issues to be discussed in the meetings will include: Time, Assembly areas, Routes to be used, Security arrangements, Duration of the event, Logistical arrangements (Tee Shirts, Banners, Placards, etc that will be carrying Peace Messages).

On the Day of the event, IPCNC and Partners, alongside Security Personnel will accompany participants in all the 16 districts during the match/walking/jogging. Everyone participating in the event will be wearing printed Tee shirts with the inscription “I STAND FOR PEACE”. Citizens will be encouraged to come out with traditional social event instruments like; drums, trumpets, Vuvuzelas, Pot Covers etc, to make the loudest noise for Peace. There will also be School and National Brass Bands to accompany the processions.

The media will be invited to cover such events and broadcast through news bulletins and other media programs.

It is expected that there shall be a Presidential Address at the end of the Event.


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