NCRA’s DG Reappointed as ID4Africa Ambassador for Sierra Leone

Mohamed Mubashir Massaquoi, the Director General of Sierra Leone’s National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA), has been reappointed as the ID4Africa Ambassador for Sierra Leone in late October this year.

According to a school of thought, such a significant milestone reaffirms his pivotal role in representing Sierra Leone on the African stage and underlines his unwavering commitment to identity management. It also reflects the dedication of His Excellency Brig. (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio to advancing civil registration and identity management for a better Sierra Leone.

It could be recalled that when he took the reins in 2018, Massaquoi was faced with a multitude of challenges within the NCRA. However, his visionary leadership, tenacity, and pursuit of excellence swiftly propelled the organization forward, revolutionizing identity management in Sierra Leone. Indisputably, his remarkable achievements did not go unnoticed, garnering recognition from countries and organizations across Africa with an interest in identity management. These entities acknowledged his accomplishments and appointed him Ambassador of Identity Management with ID4Africa being one of the notable organizations to do so.

Massaquoi was first named the prestigious ID4Africa Ambassador for Sierra Leone in 2020, in recognition of his transformative efforts and exceptional contributions to identity management through the NCRA. Joining a distinguished group of Ambassadors committed to championing identity-related issues in their respective African nations, there is no iota of doubt that Massaquoi has demonstrated exemplary leadership and made substantial contributions over the past three years, advocating for profound change and innovation in identity management, not just in Sierra Leone, but across the African continent.

His reappointment is more than an extension of his term; it serves as an affirmation of his unwavering dedication and commitment to the ID4Africa Movement. The renewal for an additional year signifies his active and involved presence in the public sector identity space and acknowledges his outstanding contributions and passionate commitment to the cause.

ID4Africa, renowned for its commitment to ethical and responsible identity development, relies on a network of dedicated Ambassadors representing various African nations. Massaquoi, as the head of the ID4Africa Ambassadors Bureau for Sierra Leone, plays a pivotal role that extends beyond representation. He is entrusted with the responsibility of fostering a vital connection between the ID4Africa Movement and local institutions and identity stakeholders in Sierra Leone.

By the end of the coming year, Massaquoi will have served for four years, making him eligible for the prestigious recognition of ID4Africa Ambassador Emeritus—a status reserved exclusively for those who have left a lasting impact. At that point, his name will be etched in the annals of African identity management as one of those who pushed boundaries for a better Africa through identity management.

As Africa embarks on a journey towards comprehensive digital identity solutions, Massaquoi’s reappointment as ID4Africa Ambassador for Sierra Leone signifies a renewed commitment to driving transformation and realizing the vision of universal identity for the continent. The Movement has pledged unwavering support, standing shoulder to shoulder with Director General Massaquoi, as he leads civil registration and identity management in Sierra Leone, contributing to socio-economic development and digital transformation.


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