NCTVA Mandates Civil Service Training College to Offer Diploma & High Diploma Courses

By Sheku Putka Kamara

The National Council for Technical Vocational and Other Academic Awards (NCTVA) has on the 2nd February, 2023 accredited the Civil Service Training College (CSTC) to offer various diploma and higher diploma courses. The accreditation ceremony was held at the college’s conference hall, State Avenue, Tower Hill, Freetown.

Principal of the College, Saa Kpulun welcomed the team from NCTVA and spoke of how the decision for his institution to gain accreditation was an informed one. He said that there was every need to adhere to the set standards of NCTVA and that the leadership of the Civil Service Training College treats the accreditation ceremony with utmost seriousness.

Registrar of CSTC, Mohamed Taylor said that the college is one of the oldest institutions in Sierra Leone and that there was every need for them to leave up to expectations. He informed that they have a very good working relationship with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), the Teaching Service Commission (TSC), Ministry of Technical and Higher Education (MTHE) and other stakeholders. He said that in line with set standards, it was therefore prudent for them to seek accreditation from NCTVA.

The NCTVA representatives, Komba Moiwa and Sarah S. Barrie spoke on how accreditation processes are very rigorous and that thorough checks and validations are always made to ensure authenticity in issuing and granting accreditations. They added that after several assessments, the NCTVA management has considered it necessary to accredit the Civil Service Training College.

A formal presentation of the Accreditation Certificate was done on behalf of the Director of NCTVA, Ing. M.A Jalloh. The CSTC management promised to continue to engage the NCTVA and further proposed the putting together and signing of a memorandum of understanding and or a working document that’d inform how things and activities were to be carried out as time progresses.


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