NaTCA Celebrates The Dawn Of The Era Of 5G Technology In Sierra Leone


Exciting times lie ahead for Sierra Leone as the nation gears up to usher in the era of 5G technology. The introduction of 5G is set to revolutionize the way Sierra Leoneans connect, communicate, and conduct business. The dawn of 5G in Sierra Leone promises to usher in an era of heightened connectivity, creativity, and innovation.

The introduction of 5G technology in Sierra Leone is a remarkable step toward embracing the digital age. It has the potential to boost economic growth, improve education, healthcare, and governance, and connect people like never before.

Spearheading this monumental transformation is Mr. Amara Brewah, the Director-General of the National Telecommunications Authority (NaTCA). Under his visionary leadership, the nation is witnessing an unparalleled leap in its telecommunications landscape. Within a span of merely three months, the two leading mobile operators, Orange and Africell, have integrated.



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