Njala University Confers Honorary Doctorate Degree on President Julius Maada Bio


By Amin Kef (Ranger)

From a Rtd Brigadier to a Doctorate holder, President Julius Maada Bio, was the proud recipient of a Honoris Causa Doctor of Letters Degree on  Friday, 17th March 2023 at the  Njala University Guest House, Njala Campus.

His Excellency President Dr Julius Maada Bio graciously accepted the Honorary Doctorate Degree conferred on him at Njala University.

In his acceptance speech, he said he stands humbled but felt privileged to be accorded such a very unique honour by a University that has contributed tremendously to the development of the nation.

He pointed out that the great nation has been very kind to him as it has given him opportunities to lead saying  it has inspired him to think critically about the many challenges it perpetually throws at all.

The President said, with the right mindset, the right leadership, and right policies, he has been thrilled by the transformation of the education sector over the last five years.

He recalled when as a young soldier in his twenties, he opted for the difficult choice of engaging sub-regional leaders to facilitate the ferreting-out of the Revolutionary United Front leader, Corporal Foday Sankoh.

“I initiated a peace process, conducted democratic elections, voluntarily retired from the military, handed over power to a civilian Government, and left this country,” he furthered adding that those who facetiously argue that he had nothing to do with birthing democracy in Sierra Leone should ask themselves whether, after five election cycles, Sierra Leone has ever looked back.

He said he referred to that moment in history that to usher in productive change and change the fortunes of a nation, leaders must sacrifice their personal gratification, and make bold choices by weighing costs and measuring abiding impact.

President Bio told the audience that the citation references the many things that have been achieved collectively as a nation in the field of education.

“Let me dare say that what I am doing for education is simply the actualization of the dreams of a bare-footed five-year-old orphan in Tihun – a boy, encouraged by his illiterate mother, Yei Amie, to explore and participate in the life-changing, nation-changing experience of education,” he stated adding how it is the outcome of several hours of critical thinking about how to get education right and reap its unceasing, sustained, and endless benefit for the nation.

He underscored that the honour today is important; but the heritage he will be leaving behind for generations of all learners and for this nation, in particular, is more important for him.

“I, therefore, humbly accept the honorary doctorate degree you have so kindly bestowed on me knowing that it is both a recognition of what I have done and a challenge for me to do more,” President Bio concluded.


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