No Increase in the Cost of Passport

Net-page Sierra Leone.png

By Abubakarr Harding

It has been noted that there are certain individuals who are bent on spreading false rumours that there is going to be an increase in the price of passport.

However, according to the Management of Net-page Sierra Leone, there is no increase in the price of passport but due to the fluctuation of the dollar rate since the contract was awarded it always appears that there is an increase or decrease in the price.

They continued that even though the dollar rate was skyrocketing, Net-page as a company had been so much considerate to Sierra Leoneans.

Management furthered that it is not by their making, adding that the increase in the dollar rate has affected businesses, including the sale of fuel and other commodities.

It was also underscored that as a company they are going to make sure Sierra Leoneans continue to enjoy the good working relationship with Net-page even though there are challenges along the line.

From what was learnt, even though the dollar rate was well above the local rate, they made sure that they gave the quality service to the people by selling the passport at a rate below $100 which is equivalent to Sierra Leone’s local currency (One million, three hundred thousand old Leones).


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