NP Lands 14,000 Metric Tons of Petrol & 20,000 Metric Tons of Diesel

To Avert Any Scarcity in this Electioneering Period…

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP (SL) Ltd is truly a customer friendly marketing entity that always ensures that high quality petroleum products are always available across the country. The proactive stance of the business entity has, for a very long period of time, has made it quite impossible for scarcity of qualitative petroleum products to occur with its attendant cascading negative effects on especially the cohesiveness of the nation.

It could be recalled that in our last edition we did disseminate information that NP(SL)Ltd imported 22,000 Metric Tons of Diesel last which is had been on the market for sale. It was speculated that such a substantial amount of diesel would meet the demands of consumers for the entire month of July, ensuring uninterrupted business operations for all Sierra Leoneans.

The passion, on the part of the company, to always give utmost satisfaction to its esteemed customers became evidently apparent when cognizance is taken of the fact that initially Management of NP (SL) Ltd considered a shipment of 16,000 metric tons to address public concerns and ensure smooth operations but considering the upcoming elections and the need for stability the quantity was increased accordingly.

Supplies were dispatched to the various NP Filling Stations which are located in nearly all the districts meaning that diesel is now available countrywide and easily accessible.

Additionally, this medium was reliably informed that there is an ample stock of fuel oil to support the operations of the Electricity Generation and Transmission Company (EGTC) and serve as an alternative to Bumbuna. This stock will also contribute to the CLSG West Africa power pool project.

Still demonstrating that it is a caring and customer-oriented business entity, NP(SL)Ltd, also (recently) on the 11th June, 2023 received another vessel with petrol and diesel and it was envisaged that the terminal will take maximum quantity to the capacity of the installation on the 11th June, 2023.

The company landed 14,000 metric tons of petrol (PMS) and 20,000 metric tons of diesel. Indeed the arrival of the vessel “NT Antares”, at the NP Terminal at Kissy in Freetown, signifies that NP (SL) Ltd is first for customer care as the company ensures the seamless flow of petroleum products across the country.

It may be interesting and in some instances very doubtful to believe that NP (SL) Ltd is an indigenous company formed by 35 Sierra Leoneans, former employees of the British Petroleum (BP) Company, who decided to buy shares out of their end of service benefits to later establish what became known as NP-Sierra Leone Limited.

Through shrewd and business-oriented initiatives on the part of Management of the company the meteoric rise of the company was accelerated.

Renowned for taking customer care to the highest pedestal, NP (SL) Ltd, has latest calibrated pumping machines installed in Filling Stations. These calibrated pumping machines are capable of pumping the exact amount of fuel paid for, thereby, giving confidence to customers that they are deriving value for money.

From time to time, NP (SL) Ltd conducts training sessions nationwide, targeting Station Managers and Pump Attendants, geared towards enhancing professionalism in service delivery. The cordial manner in which customers are treated has made the company very endearing.

One of the outstanding features of the company is placing high premium on offering job opportunities to Sierra Leoneans instead of foreigners except in situations when the local expertise is not available. The company strictly adheres to this policy which has benefitted some officially employed to perform various tasks.

Also, the operations of the company make it possible for some to serve as auxiliary workers whose services are required during specific periods of time.

To simplify fuel transactions, the company introduced what is known as NP Smart Card. It is a Card with a memory chip embedded that is activated when it is uploaded with money and vice versa. With a loaded card, the holder will request the quantity of fuel needed and based on the amount contained within the quantity of fuel requested for is discharged.

With this cashless way of procuring fuel, the use of NP Smart Card offers convenience, security and the opportunity to properly budget for the quantity of fuel an individual may want to consume within a specific time.

The company also offers on sale standardized cookers known as NP Gas which has been proven to not only be eco and environmentally friendly. NP Gas comes in different cylinder sizes and are available at NP Filling Stations or could be secured from authorized dealers. Its greatest advantage is that users can secure or procure gas, used to power NP Gas, from various NP Filling Stations. From a survey that was conducted, those who have tried it spoke loftily of its high performance and are even recommending it as a good kitchen partner.

In terms of rolling out its Corporate Social Responsibility, the company has supported certain initiatives that are geared towards nation building and development. With the timely interventions of the company, certain worthy national issues have been addressed and support given to communities, especially where the company has a stake as well as standing firmly by the side of the people and Government during critical moments like the Regent Mudslide , the corona virus outbreak , the Wellington Tanker disaster.

Indeed, with the recent importation of large quantities of diesel and petrol, NP (SL) Ltd has once more demonstrated leadership in the petroleum marketing landscape of the country. It has established, beyond all reasonable doubts, that the company is very keen on ensuring that petroleum products are always available. Demonstrating competence and prudence in petroleum importation and marketing, NP (SL) Ltd, has proven that it is on top of situation.



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