NP Sierra Leone Sails Above Stormy Waters


By Amin Kef Sesay

The story of National Petroleum Company continues to sail through and above stormy waters, new reports say. This has left the public widely commending the company’s rebranding image. The latest secret underscoring this success is the wise and strong Management of the company led by Kobi Walker.

He joined the National Petroleum Company in November 2011 as Marketing Manager, a position he served for eight years. Prior to joining NP, he had served as Director of Marketing and Business Development for Union Trust Bank from July 2008 to October 2011. He has also held senior positions as Accountant, Commercial Manager and Corporate Communications and Secretary to the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited from June 1992 to July 2008, spending close to 16 years on service.

This Prince of Wales and Albert Academy aluminate is a great manager and crafty businessman who has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he was worthy of talking NP to a new level.

Today, NP soars high on top due to the good managerial decisions the company has taken ensuring availability of products and services for public consumption.  Like many other businesses, NP-SL-Ltd is a company that is susceptible to internal and external shocks. Due to the high value of the U.S.Dollar to the Leone, many entities are being affected and creating inflation with prices of basic commodities, goods and services skyrocketing and impinging negatively on the overall standard of living.

Yet, NP strides like a colossus in the midst of these challenges to give optimal satisfaction to customers. Many customers spoken to by this medium have reacted to the steady progress of the company. They say that they appreciate the qualitative services offered by the company.

Customer care ranks No. 1 as the Management of NP is very mindful of giving attention to customers and that has brought them closer to the people they serve. Many citizens applaud the company’s impressive strides as one of the most successful indigenous entities that have survived unlike many other national institutions.

Reports from its subsidiaries in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, The Gambia say that they maintained the same standards. Its contribution to the economic growth of the country cannot be underrated. It is one of the highest tax payers in the country and is a great performer of Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy widely respected for transforming lives and improving communities.

The company always ensures that petroleum products are available to prevent shortages. This has eased tensions badly experienced in the past, overseas business partners today rely more on NP than ever before. Arguably, our darling National Petroleum Company is the best in Sierra Leone.


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