NP-SL Assures of Maintaining its Status as 1st for Customer Care in 2024

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

One of the enduring business entities that have doggedly stood the test of time amidst teething challenges, NP Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd), is resolute to continue, in this brand New Year, 2024, to offer its numerous customers right across the country qualitative petroleum products.

Ranging from fuel that includes petrol, diesel to lubricants that are good for all types of engines, the petroleum marketing business entity is poised to offer the best. In order to ensure a broader marketing of these products for members of the public, in various parts of the country to gain access to them, the Management of NP-SL Ltd is ready to welcome serious and well meaning private investors to open new Filling Stations. Such investors, according to Management, are assured of proper guidance and directives as how to work out all the necessary modalities to ensure that their investment drives materialize into reality.

In this brand New Year the indigenous company will continue to enhance one of his key elements in its modus operandi which is optimizing Customer Care. As a mother hen cares for her chicks, Management of the company is at all times determined that the interests of its customers must be prioritized , well attended to and advanced with the ultimate aim of giving utmost satisfaction to them.

It is against such a backdrop that the company will continue to do all within its purview to use latest technological devices to attend to the needs of customers with an objective of giving value for money. NP-SL’s calibrated pumping machines will be well maintained, improved upon to instill confidence in customers that they get in return the exact quantity of fuel they pay for at all its Filling Stations.

As a large importer of petroleum products, Management has assured that it will continue to use all its connections overseas to see that there is a seamless flow of these petroleum products, in timely manners, store and distribute them widely in order to ascertain that there is no shortage that will create major dislocations and affect the nation’s economy.

The company’s staff will continue to be trained through refresher training programmes on how to deal with customers in polite manners, how to upkeep various Filling Stations to avert any major fire incidence from occurring. Also, Station Managers and Pump Attendants will be rewarded for keeping the bar high and for excellent performances in the discharge of their respective duties.

NP Smart Card will continue to trend in business transactions to make such basically automated as well as cashless, to be very convenient for  customers who could seize the opportunity to be at vantage positions to budgetary plan for their fuel purchase. It will help them to determine what to allocate weekly or monthly in their Smart Cards for the sole purpose of purchasing fuel instead of doing so haphazardly to the extent of proving that there is Fuel in their Smart Cards.

At all its Filling Stations and authorized dealers members of the public will access NP Gas, which over the years, has been a kitchen gadget in most homes providing secure and maximum performance for cooking purposes. Environmentally certified as okay to be used prudently, NP Gas, produced in various cylinder sizes, can be easily refilled with gas that could be purchased at the very Filling Stations. Its high performance has continued to amaze new users.

As a patriotic corporate citizen, NP-SL Ltd will continue to roll out its Corporate Social Responsibility, in various forms as and when various situations demands, with the aim of complementing the development aspirations of the Government. The company will also continue to raise awareness, especially within the Kissy Terminal and its environs, for residents to adhere to safety standards. Good causes that meet certain thresholds will be supported if the resources for doing so are available.

Honouring of all its tax obligations will be done timely to ensure that it contributes to the Government revenue base for the latter to be financially solvent to fund various development aspirations.

The company is ever poised to replicate all its sound modus operandi in other countries where it is operating, namely neighbouring Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia.

NP-SL Ltd has assured that it will steadfastly maintain its status as a petroleum marketing company that is 1st for Customer Care.


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