NP-SL Clinches Top Spot in Customer Satisfaction Survey Nationwide

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a recent survey conducted by our Editorial Team, NP-Sierra Leone Ltd (NP-SL Ltd) has emerged as a customer care frontrunner, earning high praise from patrons across the nation. Our team of reporters engaged with customers at various Filling Stations in Freetown and major cities in the provinces, revealing a unanimous endorsement of NP-SL Ltd as a leading provider of top-notch customer service.

According to our field reporters, customers from diverse backgrounds expressed deep appreciation for the quality of petroleum products imported and marketed by NP-SL Ltd. Many lauded the high-quality fuel, deemed suitable for engines of all types, while also praising the lubricating oils, with special mention of the widely acclaimed Castrol Engine Oil.

Commercial drivers, including taxi, poda-poda, kekeh, and bike riders, voiced their satisfaction with fuel purchases at NP Filling Stations. Transparency in fuel dispensing was highlighted, with customers expressing confidence in calibrated pumping machines, ensuring they receive the precise quantity of fuel paid for. The sentiment was one of trust, as customers asserted their lack of concern about fraudulent practices.

Customers utilizing the NP Smart Card for fuel purchases commended the technology for its convenience and budgetary benefits. The smart card, enabling cashless transactions, was noted for promoting safety and secure transactions, as the card can only be used by the rightful owner.

NP Gas users, those who utilize NP-SL Ltd’s cooking device, praised its environmental friendliness, efficient performance, and easy refill process. Users asserted the gadget’s safety, denying any incidents of alarming fires when used responsibly.

Responding to questions about NP-SL Ltd’s policy of promoting Local Content through the employment of Sierra Leoneans and contracting local entities, customers expressed support for the initiative. They saw it as a significant contribution to national development and economic growth, emphasizing the empowerment of citizens.

Customers were also appreciative of NP-SL Ltd’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, such as contributing to the establishment of a Burns Unit at Connaught Hospital, aiding in health emergencies, providing water points for the National Fire Force, and supporting Muslims during Ramadan. The company’s timely fulfillment of tax obligations was lauded as a valuable contribution to government revenue mobilization.

While acknowledging certain shortcomings, customers commended NP-SL Ltd’s personnel, especially Station Managers and Pump Attendants, for their polite demeanor and attentive service.

The overall sentiment from the survey underscored NP-SL Ltd as a customer-centric company offering exceptional petroleum products and services, justifying its proud moniker as the “1st for Customer Care.”


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