NP-SL Earns High Praise from Customers Nationwide

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

With the main objective of gauging and assessing the perceptions of customers of NP-Sierra Leone Ltd. (NP-SL Ltd.), it was decided by the Editorial Team of this news medium to undertake a survey. Some of our ace reporters were assigned to various Filling Stations in Freetown and other main cities in the provinces to capture customers’ perceptions about the operations of the petroleum importing and marketing entity. What vividly came out of this significant undertaking was an impressive unanimous public endorsement that indeed, NP-SL Ltd truly deserves the accolade of 1st for Customer Care.

According to our active, who were on the ground interacting with customers from different backgrounds, a greater percentage of them said they profoundly appreciate the quality of petroleum products that the company imports and markets. They attested that they are of high quality, very good for engines of all types as well as copiously praising the lubricating oil that the entity offers with most of them speaking loftily of the Castrol Engine Oil which they maintained is one of the best.

Most of the commercial drivers , taxi, poda-poda drivers, Kekeh and bike riders informed of the satisfaction they get from purchasing fuel at various NP Filling Stations. The reason, which ran through, borders on transparency in the discharge or pumping of fuel into their engines saying they are very sure that they get the exact quantity of fuel that they pay for at Filling Stations. They mentioned the confidence reposed in the calibrated pumping machines emphasizing that what they see being displayed, in terms of quantity supplied and prize always tally. “We are not in the least bothered that any form of fraudulent cheating is taking place,” most of them expressed assurance.

When those who are using the NP Smart Card to procure fuel were asked on how they are experiencing the use of the technology, they responded positively by saying that it gives them great satisfaction in doing so. They excitedly pointed out that with the NP Smart Card it has eased them the burden of always accessing monies for the purpose of fuel purchase. These customers further elucidated that in as much as they have deliberated topped-up their NP Smart Cards they know for sure how long it will last them after which they will have to top-up again. To them it makes for appropriate budgetary planning while maintain that it also enhance safety as it promotes cashless transactions with the securitized cards that cannot be used by any other person other than the rightful owner.

As our reporters continue to interact with the customers, they came across those who went to either secure gas or those that went to do refill for their NP Gas gadgets. By the way, NP Gas is a cooking device that is manufactured in various cylinder sizes by the company and primarily used for cooking purposes. According to these customers or users of NP Gas, the gadget is not only environmentally friendly but emits less dangerous gases, is quick in terms of performance and could be easily refilled.

When asked,they denied of knowing any incidence when the gadget has caused any alarming fire incidence stressing that as long as it is used prudently then there is nothing absolutely to worry about.

Most, when asked to comment on the company’s policy of promoting local content by employing Sierra Leoneans as employees as well as contracting local entities to implement certain sub-projects for the entity, stated sincerely that it in tandem with enhancing overall national development. They expressed the view that the policy which runs through in all the company’s operational countries, including Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia leads to empowering the citizenry and fostering economic growth. “As long as they can deliver there is no need to contract foreigners who will eventually take whatever emolument received out of the country,” one of them succinctly opined.

Briefing them about the rolling out of some of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the company including its contributions to the setting up of a Burns Unit at Connaught Hospital, financial contributions to combat health emergencies, providing water points for the National Fire Force, supporting Muslims during the Month of Ramadan, they commended the company saying such is really complementing the efforts of the Government in its drive to enhance development and cater for the needs of the citizenry.

They also praised NP-SL Ltd for its timely honouring of its tax obligations saying by doing so it is aiding the Government to mobilize revenue for the funding of various development programmes countrywide.

In terms of how the personnel at the various Filling Stations are handling them, they praised some of the Station Managers and Pump Attendants for their polite demeanor as well as in attending to them with rapt attention. Although they complained about certain shortcomings, however, some attested that such is inevitable since it is natural for humans to err.

With the outcome of the survey, what became paramount was that NP-SL Ltd. stands tall as a customer-centric company that is offering the best in terms of petroleum products and services. It is therefore not surprising that the company is proudly known as the first for customer care.


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