NP-SL Ensures Timely Availability of Petroleum Products and Empowers Local Communities

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a remarkable display of good initiatives, NP-SL Ltd has been successfully engaging oil producing companies in productive business discussions, ensuring a continuous flow of petroleum supply. This foresight and promptness have proven to be crucial in preventing shortages and ensuring that stocks last over extended periods.

NP-SL is an exemplary 100% indigenous company, standing firm even in the face of challenging circumstances. Thanks to consistent managerial efforts, the company has weathered storms that could have otherwise led to its decline or extinction. This resilience has positioned NP-SL as a key player in the petroleum industry, following the right course to success.

The company proudly upholds the Local Content Policy, emphasizing the importance of employing indigenous staff. This dedication to promoting local talent not only opens doors to employment opportunities for fellow Sierra Leoneans but also contributes significantly to poverty reduction.

NP-SL goes the extra mile to invest in the training and skill development of its employees, empowering them to efficiently carry out various tasks. This commitment to nurturing a skilled workforce places NP-SL at the forefront of companies adhering to the Local Content Policy, setting a high standard for others to follow.

With a focus on customer care, NP-SL has earned commendations for its friendly and welcoming approach to clients. Experts in business management emphasize that caring for customers and making them feel valued is essential in attracting and retaining loyal patrons. NP-SL’s dedication to providing exceptional customer experiences has paid off, earning the company the accolade of “1st for Customer Care.”

To enhance customer satisfaction further, NP-SL has invested in modern, calibrated pumping machines that inspire confidence and trust. These upgraded machines ensure transparency and prevent any attempts by unscrupulous individuals to deceive unsuspecting customers. Additionally, the courteous and attentive pump attendants swiftly respond to customer concerns, fostering lasting relationships.

NP-SL’s commitment to customer-centric practices extends to flexible payment plans for reliable customers, including Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies. This consideration is especially significant for institutions receiving intermittent budgetary allocations, as it ensures a consistent supply of petroleum products, enabling them to fulfill their functions without interruption.

A testament to NP-SL’s commitment to innovation, the introduction of NP Gas has been a game-changer. With its various sizes and availability at NP Filling Stations, NP Gas has gained a reputation as one of the best cooking devices on the market. Its safety, user-friendliness and portability have endeared it to many, leading satisfied users to recommend it to others.

Staying ahead of the curve in technology, NP-SL offers the NP Smart Card, a cutting-edge device for purchasing petroleum products. This secure, user-friendly and swift payment method allows customers to access fuel at any time, even when traditional banking services are unavailable.

NP-SL’s contributions to national development are not confined to Sierra Leone; it extends its reach to neighboring West African countries, including Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and The Gambia. The company operates in these countries with the same dedication to upholding the Local Content Policy and empowering local communities through employment opportunities.

Additionally, NP-SL has made commendable progress in expanding operations into hard-to-reach areas and communities within Sierra Leone. Through strategic partnerships with entrepreneurs, the company has opened more Filling Stations, alleviating energy poverty and providing accessible petroleum products to commercial drivers, bikers, and Kekeh riders. These initiatives have also had a profound impact on residents in these areas, offering meaningful employment opportunities and improving their livelihoods.

Despite facing occasional unfounded criticism, NP-SL remains steadfast in its mission to positively impact society. Its unwavering dedication to socio-economic development has cemented its place as a source of pride for Sierra Leoneans and neighboring countries alike.

NP-Sierra Leone Limited continues to forge ahead, making significant strides in the petroleum industry and positively transforming communities and lives.


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