Over Purchase Of Vehicle… Corporate Affairs Director Clarifies SLCB’s Position

Yusufu Abdul Silla
Yusufu Abdul Silla

In a recent development, the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SLCB) finds itself under scrutiny regarding the procurement of a vehicle, as investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) loom. Victor Baindoma Esq., the Director of Corporate Affairs at SLCB, has addressed the matter, shedding light on the situation.

Victor Baindoma Esq
Victor Baindoma Esq

Baindoma confirmed to our news outlet that despite the ongoing investigation, the purchase of the vehicle is anticipated to be beneficial for the bank, resulting in significant cost savings that will reflect positively on the institution’s upcoming financial statements.

While refraining from delving into specifics due to the ongoing ACC inquiry, Baindoma expressed the satisfaction of both the Board and Management regarding the procurement. He emphasized that acquiring the vehicle has spared the Management from the expenses associated with vehicle hire.

According to Baindoma, the procured vehicle meets high standards and has not encountered any mechanical issues since its acquisition, with the bank making full use of it.

However, he cautioned against premature conclusions, urging patience for the outcome of the ACC’s investigation. Despite the current scrutiny, Baindoma reassured stakeholders that SLCB remains financially robust, highlighting its profitability with a notable pre-tax income of Le132 billion in 2022.

Asserting SLCB’s pivotal role as the first indigenous commercial bank in Sierra Leone, wholly owned by the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL), Baindoma stressed the institution’s commitment to the nation’s welfare. He underscored the professionalism of SLCB’s staff, all of whom are citizens of Sierra Leone.

Addressing concerns about media coverage, Baindoma urged journalists to uphold ethical standards by verifying information before publication. He lamented what he termed as “unprofessional journalism,” criticizing the dissemination of negative information about the bank while overlooking its significant contributions and attractive banking products.

Despite SLCB’s efforts to support the Sierra Leonean media through loans and advertisements, Baindoma expressed disappointment in the persistent negative portrayal by some journalists, branding it as detrimental to both the bank and the public interest.

As SLCB commemorates fifty years since its establishment, Baindoma reiterated the institution’s commitment to delivering value, echoing the sentiment embodied in its logo. He affirmed SLCB’s resilience and dedication to serving the people of Sierra Leone, urging for fair and balanced reporting amidst ongoing challenges.



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