NP (SL) Expands Operations, Inaugurates New Fuel Station in Bunumbu Township

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a significant step towards enhancing accessibility to petroleum products in Sierra Leone’s Eastern region, NP Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) marked a momentous occasion on Saturday, February 10th, 2024, with the inauguration of a new filling Station in Bunumbu Township, situated within Kailahun District.

This expansion underscores NP-SL Ltd’s commitment to its core values of accessibility, quality, and community engagement. The newly established Filling Station, strategically positioned in Bunumbu Town, Peje West Chiefdom, is poised to cater to the petroleum needs not only of Bunumbu residents but also those in neighboring chiefdoms within the District, including Malema, Mandu, and Penguia.

During the commissioning event, Ambassador Kobi Walker, Chief Executive Officer of NP Sierra Leone Limited, addressed attendees, emphasizing the company’s dedication to addressing the longstanding challenge of fuel scarcity in the region. He acknowledged the difficulties residents faced in accessing petroleum products, often having to travel long distances to Daru or Kenema. Walker assured the community that the new NP-SL Filling Station would alleviate these challenges, ensuring reliable access to fuel and other petroleum products.

His remarks were met with enthusiastic applause, reflecting the community’s anticipation and appreciation for the new infrastructure. He expressed optimism that the presence of the Filling Station would not only meet immediate fuel needs but also attract additional investments to the chiefdom, fostering economic growth and development.

Highlighting the advanced technology employed at the new Filling Station, the Chief Executive Officer mentioned the installation of sophisticated pumping machines, which are among the most advanced in the country. He also hinted at future plans to introduce a card system for purchasing petroleum products, further streamlining transactions and enhancing customer experience.

The inauguration of the Bunumbu Filling Station was met with widespread support from various stakeholders, including local authorities and community members. Deputy Superintendent of Police Ansumana Conteh commended NP-SL Ltd for its investment, emphasizing the importance of security in safeguarding the facility and its patrons.

Yusuf Alusine Moigua, Chairman of the Bike Riders Union in Bunumbu, echoed the sentiments of improved accessibility and convenience brought about by the new Filling Station. He expressed confidence that it would alleviate the challenges faced by residents during times of crisis.

In his vote of thanks, Alhaji Amara James, the Proprietor of the new Bunumbu Filling Station, expressed gratitude to NP Sierra Leone Limited’s Management and community stakeholders for their support throughout the project’s development. He reiterated his commitment to serving not only Bunumbu Township but also neighboring communities within the district.

The ceremonial cutting of the tape by CEO Kobi Walker and Sales Manager Vandi Bockarie marked the official opening of the Bunumbu Filling Station, a moment celebrated by attendees from all walks of life.

The inauguration of this new facility reflects NP Sierra Leone Limited’s ongoing efforts to expand its operations, enhance customer service, and contribute to local economic development. As the company continues to grow, it reaffirms its commitment to setting industry standards and driving progress in Sierra Leone and beyond.


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