NP-SL Has Impressively Mastered the Petroleum Trade

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited, NP (SL-Ltd).

By Amin Kef Sesay

The National Petroleum-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) has been rated as a very buoyant oil marketing company that has, over the years, mastered the trade of importing and selling various petroleum products to its numerous customers found in every nook and cranny in the country.

Indeed, the company, which was established by 35 Sierra Leoneans, has been exploring reliable sources to secure qualitative and high grade fuel which include petrol, diesel, gas as well as lubricants which have all been proven to be very good for the efficient functioning of various types of engines.

Blessed with a crop of selfless shareholders whose main focus is to avail residents in the country timely access to qualitative petroleum products and good managerial teams that always ensure that the entity operates efficiently, the company has been growing by leaps and bounds with a customer base that has been expanding exponentially. From various investigations so far conducted, it came out glaringly that as a result of adopting good business initiatives and implementing them genuinely, meaningful dividends are being realized. Translating organizational policies into tangible realities on the ground have helped transformed a small business entity into a towering enterprise that has well-functioning branches within the West African sub-region.

From what was learnt out there, through engagements with Management and Staff of the company as well as interfacing with its numerous customers, the placing of priority on maximizing customer care, taking it to different levels, has been at the heart of the growth of NP-SL Ltd. As far as it is known, the Management of the company considers their customers as jewels whom must be handled with care. It is a must that their customers should be encouraged to the fullest by taking into consideration their concerns relating to their products as well as the inputs they make. Those concerns and inputs form part of what Management takes into consideration to make informed decisions as to how to keep the symbiotic relationship that has been established between the two parties.

It was against such a backdrop that the Shareholders and Management responded to the dissatisfaction of its customers that they were not getting the right amount of fuel they were paying as a result of lack of transparency. To assuage that concern, the company decided to go in for the latest calibrated pumping machine which could now be found in all their major Filling stations across the country. These machines are capable of pumping the requisite amount of fuel, be it petrol or diesel, into cars or jerry cans, displaying the price as well as the amount of fuel demanded for.  With that new development, the company’s customers started heaving sighs of relief more especially knowing that they were now deriving value for money.

Still within the domain of demonstrating care for its customers, the Shareholders and Management thought it fit to establish mini marts within the company’s Filling Stations where customers could purchase basic goods, in their original forms, for domestic consumption and also for relaxation or socializing purpose. By doing so it prevents its customers from going through the hassle of having to go far in town to get those items. It could be liken to the situation of killing two birds with one stone, that is, purchasing fuel, lubricating oil and basic items in a one stop engagement.

Going the extra mile with the aim of giving satisfaction, the company also introduced NP Gas, a cooking device that has been widely rated as very effective for some type of cooking purposes. From observation so far conducted it is quick to respond to flame, could be adjusted to get the right velocity, is environmentally friendly in terms of less emission of fossil gas and very safe. Its biggest advantage is that the gas it uses form part of the petroleum products that the company markets which therefore makes it very accessible.

“NP Gas is only second to a microwave when we talk of its quickness with regards performance. I am really enjoying using it for cooking and will like to recommend it to all and sundry as you will find it very dependable,” Juliana Moore , an entrepreneur intimated The Calabash.

The company now has what is considered as “fuel on your smart card” which in other words is known as NP Smart Card. This is a chip card or integrated circuit card which in other words is a physically electronic authorization device used to control access to a resource. With NP Smart Card a customer could easily credit it with money and use it whenever he or she is ready to purchase fuel of his or her choice. When fuel is bought the amount used is debited and when a certain amount is loaded then the card has been credited.

Many have acclaimed the Management of the company for introducing what they referred to as a very good initiative saying it is safe for customers’ use and a much modernized way of transacting petroleum businesses.

An outstanding attribute that the company is renowned for is truly maintaining its indigenous posture. Right from its origin, the Shareholders and Management of the company made it a laid down policy to keep the company as an indigenous entity. In that light, it has over the years given employment preference to Sierra Leoneans in all cadres except in rare situations where foreign expertise is needed. This policy is in conformity with the country’s Local Content Policy which has been identified as a sine qua non for development. Such has been helping in providing employment opportunities for many Sierra Leoneans and by extension reducing poverty levels.

In terms of rolling out its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), NP-SL has been doing so steadily and progressively. The company has supported many worthy course, thereby complementing Government’s development interventions. The company’s latest intervention was donating the sum of One Billion Leones to the Government through the National Response Committee that is spearheading the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Such was done in the spirit of complementing the efforts that the Government is currently making to contain and combat the virus.

A true manifestation that it is a serious business entity is evident in the fact that it has successfully established branches in neighbouring Guinea, Liberia and Ivory Coast , The Gambia, NP-SL Ltd has taken the petroleum trade beyond the country’s borders where they are diligently delivering services. In all those countries indigenes are given priority in terms of employment opportunities. Besides, they are paying huge taxes to the Governments which is contributing to revenue mobilization to be used fund various development programmes.

In a nutshell, NP-SL Ltd is really a successful company that is committedly and really contributing meaningfully to the socio-economic developments of the various nations where it is operating.


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