NP-SL: Highly Recognized for Efficacy in Petroleum Marketing

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL-Ltd)

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The most outstanding and widely recognized petroleum entity that is doing well within the business landscape of this country is indisputably NP-SL Ltd. The company has gained both internal and international recognition for its efficient service delivery to its many esteemed customers. It is therefore no big surprise for the well-established company to be bagging commendations, accolades and awards from reputable institutions in and out of the country.

One thing which has made NP-SL Ltd to stand tall among other entities hinges on putting premium on effective customer care delivery. The company is highly distinguished for being 1st for Customer Care, as it strives to give optimal satisfaction to its esteemed customers right across the country. In all its petroleum transactions the company does so transparently as it has modern calibrated machines at all its Filling Stations which are highly capable of pumping and displaying the exact quantity of fuel demanded for, be it petrol or diesel, as well as the price. This gives buyers the feeling that they are not cheated when purchasing fuel.

In the same direction, the company has good, up and running tanker vehicles which transport fuel from the fuel depot to the various Filling Stations everywhere in the country. Maintenance is always done on these vehicles to ensure that they are road worthy; something which the Management of the company takes very serious. The importance of regularly doing so is to really ensure that petroleum products are timely delivered to various parts of the country in order to prevent the occurrence of any form of shortage that may affect daily activities and lives.

A company that was established by thirty-five (35) Sierra Leoneans years back, it was made a laid down policy by the Shareholders and Management of the company that special preference must be given to indigenes who have the requisite qualifications in terms of job opportunities. Interestingly, this decision is in tandem with the country’s Local Content Policy which aims at making use of our local resources, both human and material, instead of depending on external resources. This has made it possible for indigenes, who were hitherto unemployed, to now be gainfully employed and be at vantage positions to take care of individual responsibilities. With all amount of justification it could be said that NP-SL is a very caring business entity.

The company has set the pace of expanding its operations in the West African sub-region by establishing branches in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and the Gambia where they are effectively marketing petroleum products. By doing so it is providing job opportunities for locals in those countries and by extension regularly paying taxes to the Governments of those countries which are used to fund different development projects.

This bold step undertaken by the company is a mark of a company a serious entity that is taking business to a higher pedestal.

NP-SL is renowned for making available NP Smart Card and introducing NP Gas. In this modern age when efforts are being made to operate cashless societies and going digital there is no other moment than this when transactions in petroleum products should not follow suit. With the NP Smart Card, a particular customer could purchase fuel via using the card, just stating the quantity required which is debited from the amount in the card.

The customer can credit it again in order to make future purchases. The biggest advantage is that a customer can properly schedule or budget for the amount of fuel he or she will need over time, meaning that he or she has saved the headache of having to raise cash for the sole purpose of fuelling his or her vehicle. Using the card makes it less time consuming to buy fuel and prevents the movement of physical cash which maybe a customer could use for another emerging need or the cash could be stolen. NP Smart Card is now trending and many are now going for it.

With NP Gas, the cooking needs of individuals are easily solved as it is quick in terms of performance as a cooker. Environmentalists have validated its safety in terms of less emission of dangerous gases and it is manufactured in different cylinder sizes, very portable and easily refilled by purchasing gas at the company’s Filling Stations or its authorized dealers.

With all amount of justification, NP-SL is a thriving company among the myriad challenges it is surmounting. The company is indeed a true development partner that is positively contributing to the socio-economic development of individuals, entities and the country as a whole.




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