NP (SL) is Optimizing Customer Satisfaction via Steady Flow of Petroleum Products

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP (SL) stands tall as a beacon of reliability in ensuring a steady flow of high-grade petroleum products into the market. Through continuous engagement with oil producing companies, the petroleum marketing company averts shortages, guaranteeing stocks last over time.

Contrary to misconceptions, NP (SL) is wholly indigenous, owned by ordinary Sierra Leoneans who initially invested their end-of-service benefits. Politicians have no stake in the company, which has emerged as a pivotal player in the nation’s business landscape.

The company’s commitment to local empowerment is unwavering. Adhering strictly to the Local Content Policy, it prioritizes indigenous employment, offering training to enhance skills and reduce poverty.

NP’s success isn’t just about business; it’s about caring for customers. Recognized for exceptional customer care, the business entity always ensures transparency with modern, calibrated pumping machines, earning trust and loyalty.

Moreover, NP(SL) facilitates payment plans for reliable customers, including corporate institutions, Government entities ensuring uninterrupted services even during budgetary constraints.

NP (SL) is also offering on sale a cooking gadget known as NP Gas. For those who have not tried NP Gas for the first time it is now time to give it a try. Designed in sizable varying cylinders and sold at various NP Filling Stations, this cooking device has been rated as one of the best in terms of being environmentally safe and its high performance. Trying it will spur you to recommend it to others.

NP Smart Card is now in vogue and is one of the latest technological devices used to purchase petroleum products. Using it has attendant advantages as evident in procuring fuel at any time of the day even during times when monies could not be accessed from banks. It is secured, easy to use and very quick. It is now trending.

The company is highly respected for its impactful projects that it has rolled out as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility contributing meaningfully in improving lives and communities as well as complementing the efforts of the  Government in terms of facilitating overall national development programmes.

Despite challenges, NP (SL) remains resolute, making tangible contributions to socioeconomic development and positively impacting communities and lives.

In essence, NP (SL) epitomizes dependability, innovation and social responsibility, shaping a brighter future for Sierra Leone.


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