NP-SL Leads the Way in Petroleum Importing & Marketing

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a story of ambition, determination and indomitable spirit, NP-SL Ltd stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when Sierra Leoneans come together with a common goal and a solid vision. Today, NP-SL Ltd proudly holds the title of the leading petroleum importing and marketing entity in Sierra Leone, and its success story is one that offers hope and inspiration to the nation’s business community.

Founded by a group of 35 savvy Sierra Leonean nationals who wisely invested their end-of-service benefits, NP-SL Ltd has become a beacon of progress and development. This accomplishment serves as a testament to the potential of ambitious individuals armed with workable ideas and a commitment to solid investments.

As a homegrown company, NP-SL Ltd has continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible, driving its expansionist agenda forward with unwavering resolve. Its services, once confined to the capital city, have now spread nationwide, ensuring that customers across the country enjoy consistent, high-quality offerings.

In a bid to simplify fuel purchases, NP-SL Ltd introduced the NP Smart Card, a convenient solution that eliminates the need for physical cash transactions. With funds loaded onto the Smart Card, customers can effortlessly purchase their desired quantity of fuel at Filling Stations, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Established by Sierra Leonean pioneers, NP-SL Ltd has extended its reach beyond national borders, operating successfully in Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and The Gambia. Thanks to effective Management strategies the company has ensured a steady supply of petroleum products, averting scarcity in all five countries it serves.

Customer satisfaction remains a top priority for NP-SL Ltd, earning the company commendation for its dedication to delivering exceptional service. Well-motivated staff members, including Station Managers and Pump Attendants, consistently prioritize politeness and prompt issue resolution, fostering a sense of importance among customers.

Recognizing the health hazards and environmental toll of charcoal and wood for cooking, NP-SL Ltd has made NP gas cookers accessible to households, promoting safety and user-friendliness. Gas is also available at the company’s Filling Stations, offering affordable options to consumers.

A key driver of local development, NP-SL Ltd adheres rigorously to Sierra Leone’s Local Content Policy, providing jobs to Sierra Leoneans whenever possible. This commitment not only creates employment opportunities but also contributes to poverty reduction.

NP-SL Ltd is a significant contributor to the National Revenue Authority (NRA), bolstering Government revenue streams that fund various development programs. The company’s dedication to paying taxes plays a pivotal role in the nation’s growth.

As NP-SL Ltd continues to raise the flag of Sierra Leone high in West Africa, its remarkable journey serves as a testament to the potential of serious-minded and ambitious individuals who can transform from humble beginnings to become not only a successful business entity in the country but a shining star in the West African sub-region.


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