NP-SL Leaves Lasting Impressions Due to Its Enhanced Customer Care Touch

By Amin Kef-Ranger

It is an indisputable fact that NP-SL Ltd is synonymous with  1st for Customer Care. As far as it is known,  in that realm, no other indigenous business entity can come closer to the seasoned petroleum importing and marketing entity because in the first place the company identified it, nurtured it and made it a policy of streamlining it in all its dealings with its numerous and esteemed customers. It worked and still continues to work the magic for the company.

For some words cannot convey the meaning of NP-SL Ltd being 1st in terms of Customer Care but as they say the taste of the pudding lies in its eating. For those in doubt, once NP-SL Ltd touches or treats a customer, that customer instantaneously desires more of the company’s services.

 Indeed, NP  deserves praise as a resilient business entity that had been rated as the country’s foremost importer and dealer of petroleum products, which include petrol, diesel, gas as well as lubricants of various types and is always poised to give its ubiquitous and esteemed customers the best in terms of value for money.

The company’s competent and result-oriented Managerial think tank, currently headed by its indefatigable Chief Executive Officer, Kobi Walker, in tandem with the Board of Directors, have always endeavoured to be at the pinnacle of affairs within the petroleum landscape in this country, looking at best options, in order for effective service delivery to be executed timely, excellently, all geared towards enhancing good business relationships. If there is any outstanding feature for which the company is identified with then it is giving customers satisfaction to the fullest  which is why it has earned the enviable reputation of ‘1st for Customer Care’.

Prioritizing customer care is considered very paramount out of the strong conviction that the company will be nowhere without its cherished customers.

Regarding their customers as priceless jewels, NP-SL Ltd always ensures that to give them optimal satisfaction, value must be derived from their monies spent. It was thinking along that line that prompted the shareholders of the company to replace their old fashioned pumping machines to calibrated pumping machines of high standard which transparently pump the requisite quantity of petrol or diesel demanded for. Confidence is now high among its customers that they are getting exactly what they are paying for.

Still within the domain of 1st for Customer Care, the company is always in position to enter into payment plans with its reliable and dependable customers including Ministries, Departments and Agencies for fuel and lubricants supplies as long as all the necessary modalities have been put in place. When cognizance is taken of the fact that some of these institutions receive intermittent budgetary allocations then such an arrangement is very significant. Its significance in real terms borders on functional continuity of those institutions as they will be assured of supplies of petroleum products in as much as they keep honouring their obligations.

In this country today, for one to see a successful business entity that is owned mainly by Sierra Leoneans and having a maximum number of indigenes as members of staff is like trying to find a lost needle on the beach, although there are some that could be identified.

For NP-SL Ltd this has been a big achievement as the company is strongly adhering to the country’s Local Content Policy. Making use of local brains has been identified as one of the conduits through which developing countries like Sierra Leone could attain economic empowerment. Correspondingly, if there is a continuation of the colonial mentality that it is only by importing foreign ideas and skills that we will get there then such could be a very sad mistake.

By providing job opportunities for hitherto jobless Sierra Leoneans, NP-SL Ltd continues to help in alleviating poverty by putting monies into pockets which could be utilized to take care of responsibilities.

For those who have not tried NP Gas for the first time it is now time to give it a try. Designed in sizable varying cylinders and sold at various NP Filling Stations, this cooking device has been rated as one of the best that is on offer for sale. NP Gas is safe, user friendly and portable. Trying it will spur you to recommend it to others.

NP Smart Card is now in vogue and is one of the latest technological devices used to purchase petroleum products. Using it has attendant advantages as evident in procuring fuel at any time of the day even during times when monies could not be accessed from banks. It is secured, easy to use and very quick. It is now trending.

To crystallize proposed projects into tangible realities on the ground, Government needs the requisite financial resources to effectively do so and one sure way is from the collection of taxes which is the mandate of the National Revenue Authority (NRA).  NP is indeed one of the big time tax payers in the country and it is very compliant in that direction.

From all indications, it is crystal clear that NP-SL Ltd is here to stay in order to give the best and contribute tremendously to the socio-economic development of the country. Indeed the company is passionate and committed towards attaining those objectives.


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