NP (SL) Ltd Earns High Praise for Revolutionizing Petroleum Marketing

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a remarkable display of indigenous entrepreneurship, NP (SL) Ltd has garnered commendation for its outstanding contributions to modernizing petroleum marketing within the nation. Over the years, this company has transformed into a highly successful business entity, significantly advancing the nation’s economic development.

Guided by a proficient Board of Directors and effective Management, NP-SL Ltd has made substantial strides in areas such as job creation, timely tax payments to the Government through the National Revenue Authority (NRA), and implementation of meaningful projects as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, benefiting individuals and communities alike.

The nation’s ongoing freedom from fuel shortages can be attributed to the proactive and sterling initiatives undertaken by NP’s Board of Directors and Management. They consistently ensure timely procurement and availability of petroleum products for public consumption.

A pivotal factor setting NP-SL Ltd apart is its unwavering commitment to exemplary customer care. The company not only enjoys a stellar reputation but also commands widespread respect for its dedication to prioritizing Customer Care and ensuring optimal customer satisfaction across the country.

Transparency defines every petroleum transaction at NP, with modern calibrated machines at its Filling Stations accurately pumping and displaying the exact quantity of fuel, be it petrol or diesel, along with the corresponding price. This transparency reassures buyers that they are receiving fair value for their purchase.

Furthermore, NP-SL Ltd maintains strong relationships with dealers equipped with well-maintained tanker vehicles, ensuring the timely delivery of petroleum products to Filling Stations across the country and preventing shortages that could disrupt daily life.

Established by thirty-five Sierra Leoneans several years ago, NP-SL Ltd has adhered to a policy that favours qualified indigenous individuals for employment opportunities. This aligns with the country’s Local Content Policy, aiming to harness local resources, both human and material, rather than relying on external sources. The result is gainful employment for previously jobless locals, demonstrating NP-SL’s commitment to community well-being.

The company’s footprint extends into the West African sub-region, with branches in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and The Gambia, effectively marketing petroleum products. This expansion not only creates job opportunities for locals in those countries but also leads to regular tax contributions that fund various development projects.

NP-SL is also celebrated for introducing the NP Smart Card and NP Gas. In an era where cashless transactions and digitalization are encouraged, the NP Smart Card simplifies petroleum product purchases. Cardholders can buy fuel by specifying the required quantity, with the amount debited from the card, promoting efficiency and security. Users can easily recharge the NP Smart Card for future transactions, facilitating budgeting and eliminating the need for physical cash, reducing the risk of theft.

Additionally, NP Gas addresses cooking needs with a quick and environmentally friendly cooking solution. It emits fewer harmful gases and offers various cylinder sizes for portability and easy refills at company Filling Stations and authorized dealers.

In summary, NP-SL is a seasoned petroleum marketing company that consistently delivers high-quality services to the public. It is a committed partner in national development, dedicated to meeting the petroleum needs of individuals and organizations.


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