NP-SL Ltd Remains A Customer Caring Marketing Entity of High Grade Petroleum Products

By Amin Kef-Ranger

It is a well established fact that NP (SL) Ltd is indeed an epitome of astute and admirable indigenous entrepreneurship which over the years has made commendable strides in modernizing petroleum marketing in the country with a view to ensure greater accessibility to petroleum products in order to give utmost satisfaction to its numerous customers across the country.

From a humble beginning, the company has turned out to be a truly successful business entity that is positively contributing towards overall national development in various ways.

With a capable Board of Directors and Management at the helm of affairs, NP(SL) Ltd has immensely contributed positively in the areas of job creation, timely payment of taxes to Government via the National Revenue Authority (NRA) as well as the steady and meaningfully execution of meaningful projects in fulfillment of its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Exclusively owned by private Sierra Leonean shareholders, the company typifies a real testimony of how local entrepreneurs could raise the bar high in the marketing of petroleum products.

It is an irrevocable fact that NP-SL Ltd continues to optimize Customer Care on a high pedestal everywhere the company has a presence. In no way can it be disputed that NP-SL Ltd is currently the leading petroleum marketing entity in the country.

One striking attribute which NP-SL Ltd has harnessed to the fullest is a no nonsense stance in enhancing customer care as the Shareholders and Management of the company takes it seriously and are doing everything within their ambit to optimize it with a view of giving maximum satisfaction to its numerous and cherished customers earning the company the enviable reputation as 1st for Customer Care.

To make the purchase of fuel very simple NP (SL) Ltd introduced the NP Smart Card, which enables organizations and individuals to purchase fuel at ease without using physical cash. By introducing this latest technology, it avails its customers the convenience of conducting smooth transactions at Filling Stations as long there is credit in the NP Smart Cards.

If there is any company that strictly adheres to the Local Content Policy that entity is indisputably NP (SL) Ltd. The Management always ensures, as a matter of policy, to give employment to only Sierra Leonean nationals. It is the same in all the other countries where the company operates.

Adherence to Local Content helps to reduce cost, instill a sense of ownership and improves competencies. Such could be well harnessed for the successful growth and expansion of any business entity.

Still within the realm of local content, the company manufactures a cooking device known as NP Gas which comes in different sizes. It has been proven to be a very good device which can be refilled with gas that could be secured at any NP Filling Station.

It has been established that using charcoal and wood for cooking purposes poses health hazards and leads to depletion of forests. Against such a backdrop many have commended the company for making it possible to get access to NP gas cookers, which are indeed safe and friendly for domestic use. Gas is as well available at the company’s filling stations which individuals can purchase at affordable prices.

The fact remains indisputable that the sustainability of the company is the outcome of timely implementation of incisive, innovative and sound entrepreneurial initiatives.


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