NP-SL Rated as a Result-Oriented Business Entity & 1st for Customer Care

NP-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd)

By Amin Kef-Ranger

NP-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) has been rated as a business entity that is first in terms of customer care. Dealing in various petroleum products, the company has been widely acclaimed for the cordial, smart, and efficient manner in which Filling Station Pump Attendants are treating its numerous customers in different parts of the country.

The company has become very endearing simply because its dedicated members of staff are trained to respond to the needs of customers. Giving satisfaction to customers forms a cardinal part of the Mission of NP-SL Ltd and so far have been learned it has been maximizing that very well.

Very mindful that without their cherished customers there will be no NP-SL, the shareholders and Management have made customer care a number one priority which is why the company is synonymous with 1st For Customer Care.  In order to give maximum and optimal satisfaction to customers, NP-SL has always ensured that it operates in tandem with international standards and best practices so that after any service delivery customers get the good feeling that they have derived value for money. Most of the company’s affiliated Filling stations are state-of-the-art structures having modern calibrated pumping machines that are transparent and accurate in terms of measurement.

It is on record that certain Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, and private institutions have Memoranda of Understanding with the petroleum marketing entity bordering on supplying their vehicles fuel and payments made later. This hire purchase agreement is a true manifestation of how the company is geared toward being customer friendly and it is a business strategy that has resulted in business conveniences.

Since it was established by 35 Sierra Leoneans, who bought shares from the Government years back, the company has grown by leaps and bounds; weathering storms that would have run it down. But the resolve of its shareholders and Management to succeed has been the centerpiece that has propelled the company to a higher level, equal to none in the sub-region.

Put in other words, the selflessness and commitment of the shareholders have made it possible for the company to empower many Sierra Leoneans and at the same time put it in a vantage position to continue to open more filling stations across the country.

Besides marketing petroleum products such as petrol, diesel, gas, and various lubricants, the company is also known for selling affordable NP Gas cookers of various sizes, which have been proven to be safe and very friendly to use. NP Gas cookers could be purchased at NP Filling Stations or from authorized dealers across the country and the very gas is also sold to replenish the one that has been used.

“I always carry my NP Smart Card with me just in case my car’s fuel gauge will show red and I may not exactly have the required amount of money to refill or even if I have it such could have been put aside for another purpose. With my card, I can just breeze into any NP Filling Station and by using my card the attendant will pump the quantity of petrol I need,” Felix Sesay, an engineer intimated adding how the card’s security features are unique and could not be easily falsified.

“When I first heard of ‘Your fuel on Smart Card’ I thought it was a joke but only realized its efficacy when I started making use of it,” he furthered saying he is really finding it very convenient in doing so and as such prevent him from withdrawing big cash from his bank account for purchasing fuel adding how it as well helps in also saving him time.

Holders of NP Smart Cards only need to be regularly crediting their cards in other words topping it up with the money. As long as they contain credits the holders are at liberty to use them at Filling Stations to get the amount of fuel required without exchanging cash with the pump attendants.

NP Gas is now the talk of the day as numerous individuals are every day coming to the realization that it is very suitable for cooking purposes without posing any serious health risks. Manufactured in different cylinder sizes NP Gas is marketed at all the company’s filling stations and by authorized dealers going at affordable prices. Advantageously, NP Gas can be refilled with gas that the company imports and markets making them simple for customers to continue their use.

The company gives preferential treatment to indigenes in terms of employment in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and The Gambia not to talk of here Sierra Leone where NP has a presence and operates vibrantly.

Besides, the company is one of the largest taxpayers to the Government and meaningfully rolled out its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Indeed even at this material time when situations on the global stage are negatively impinging the world market and an enduring price for fuel is very uncertain, Management is, however, assuring its esteemed customers and the general public that NP Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) will continue to make frantic efforts to give utmost satisfaction to its numerous and cherished customers.


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