NP-SL’s Commitment to Providing Qualitative Petroleum Products is Alive

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By Amin Kef Sesay

The National Petroleum (NP) Sierra Leone Limited is even more committed to continue to provide its numerous customers with high grade petroleum products as we have started another New Year, 2022. The company is indisputably large, having etched its name in the sands of time; an enviable position within the business landscape in the West African sub-region with outlets in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast and The Gambia where the company is functioning very well.

Being a very successful petroleum entity, NP-SL Ltd  had and still continues to contribute tremendously towards overall national development.
This 100% indigenously-owned company has so far offered various jobs to residents in the afore-mentioned countries thereby reducing poverty to a considerable level. This is also directly linked to it being one of the largest taxpayers to the National Revenue Authority (NRA) financially empowering the Government to roll out various development projects.

One of the most outstanding features that NP has is its competent managerial team which from time to time comes up with good initiatives always ensuring that they are effusively, effectively implemented to create value for money. Since it was established by 35 Sierra Leoneans, who bought shares from the government years back, the company has grown from leaps and bounds; weathering storms that would have run it down. But the resolve of its shareholders and Management to succeed has been the centrepiece that has propelled NP to a higher level, equal to none in the sub-region.

If you ask those who really know NP-SL Ltd the feedbacks you will get will definitely centre around its commitment to take customer care to a higher pedestal which its Shareholders and Management  strongly believe must be prioritized to give utmost satisfaction to all its customers wherever there is a NP Gas Station.

The selflessness and commitment of the shareholders have made it possible for the company to empower many Sierra Leoneans and at the same time put it at a vantage position to continue to partner with serious entrepreneurs to open more filling stations across the country. That again is another lane that the company has successfully harnessed with fruitful dividends realized.

NP-SL has doggedly maintained a good business relationship with its numerous customers’ right within the sub-region and most of them have confessed that they are realizing optimum satisfaction in dealing with NP-SL Ltd.

The company deals with individuals and various sectors of society always ensuring that its various petroleum products are available and are sold at affordable prices. This keen symbiotic relationship with its customers has been paying dividends always resulting to a win-win scenario making NP very endearing to all and sundry.
The regulatory institution of the different petroleum companies in the country, Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA), has lauded NP-SL for its efficient service delivery where ever it is operating.

The company is also known for offering Sierra Leoneans NP Gas cookers of various sizes which are affordable, safe and very friendly to use. NP Gas could be purchased at all their filling stations across the country.

Matching up with modern trends, NP SL Ltd introduced the use of Smart Card to purchase fuel. With NP Smart Card an individual can credit it for the purpose of purchasing fuel. It makes it possible for a cashless transaction to take place and is very advantageous because even if an individual does not have cash in his possession he or she can still use the NP Smart Card to procure fuel as long as the card has credits. Indeed a very safe way of doing business.

When we talk of the serious implementation of the Local Content Policy, NP-SL stands out tall as it is truly an indigenous company having all its indigenes, particularly in Sierra Leone, as its workers. This is one of the pillars that have made the company to become a success story.

The company’s result-oriented managerial team will definitely and sustainably continue to put NP-SL Ltd at the top.
NP-SL Ltd is doing exceptionally well in all the countries it is functioning and indeed there are prospects for further expansion.


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