NPPA Sierra Leone Discloses Success story at Budget Hearing

Chief Executive Officer of the National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) Ibrahim Brima Swaray

By Brima Sannoh
Chief Executive Officer of the National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) Ibrahim Brima Swaray, on Monday 7th October 2019 revealed that within one year the institution was able to save over $70 million for the Government through the blockage of leakages.

The CEO made that revelation while presenting his budget proposal for the Financial Year 2020 and 2022 before officials of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development and Planning, CSOs, CBOs, Non State Actor and the Media at the Miatta Conference. Centre

Swaray maintained that the mandate is to regulate, monitor and harmonize public procurement processes in the public service in order to promote economic development by ensuring value for money in the public expenditure through a decentralized system. He highlighted some strategic objectives which are to review the legal framework for procurement to ensure that there is harmony in all procurement related documents, strengthening procurement structures to support government programmes, to improve public procurement planning in procuring entities.

He disclosed his key deliverables for 2019 which is to provide statistical data on procurement activities in 2018 and other relevant information showing compliance level, quarterly development of price norm to aid procurement processes and monitoring, a communiqué on procurement practices issued after 2days of procurement forums, noting that 10 NPPA Staff were trained in various procurement and supply chain modules.

He reiterated that they have completed the Annual Procurement Assessment for 145 procuring entities for 2018 and also said they have developed quarterly price norms to aid the procurement process, conducted procurement clinic for MDAs and LCs on procurement planning and reporting. He also highlighted that the institution also provided technical assistance to Procurement Officers in MDAs and LCs on public procurement management.

He pointed out that the institution completed performance management plans and report 2018/2019 and also monitored Local Councils on procurement management, minimized Government wastage by over $ 70m and the establishment of a regional office in the South to improve on procurement supervision.

He concluded by stating that in 2020 they will establish an e-procurement system.



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