NP’s Timely Importation of 22,000 Metric Tons of Diesel Highly Commended

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL-Ltd)

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP (SL) Ltd has put to rest rumours making the round in some quarters that there is an imminent increase in price of fuel, petrol, diesel with the possibility of some unscrupulous individuals creating artificial scarcity, by importing 22,000 Metric Tons of Diesel last week which has already been distributed countrywide.

It is the expectation that this substantial amount of diesel will meet the demands of consumers for the entire month of July, ensuring uninterrupted business operations for all Sierra Leoneans.

According to the Management of NP (SL) Ltd, initially a shipment of 16,000 metric tons was planned to address public concerns and ensure smooth operations but considering the upcoming elections and the need for stability the quantity was increased accordingly. Supplies have been dispatched to the various districts meaning that diesel is now available countrywide and easily accessible at various NP Filling Stations.

It was also learnt that a consignment of petrol will be available shortly, ensuring a sufficient supply until after the elections.

Additionally, this medium was informed that there is an ample stock of fuel oil to support the operations of the Electricity Generation and Transmission Company (EGTC) and serve as an alternative to Bumbuna. This stock will also contribute to the CLSG West Africa power pool project.

The mere fact that whenever there is fuel scarcity a lot of activities are affected nationwide if not grinded to a halt as well as an upsurge in the prices of transportation cascading to an increase in the prices of basic commodities takes places, its availability and accessibility is therefore of paramount importance.

As a serious and customer friendly petroleum marketing entity, NP(SL)Ltd always takes pro-active strides well ahead and even goes the extra-mile to always ensure that petroleum products, of high quality, are available and having a presence in all the nook and cranny of the country they are timely distributed in order for its customers to have easy access to them.

The fact that a consignment of petrol is expected to arrive depicts the fact that the company always makes prior arrangements and plans to import stocks before the old ones are completely finished thereby preventing any gap from taking place that will result to dire consequences.

Arrival of the 22,000 metric tons of diesel is said to be really timely as few weeks from now the country will be holding General Elections, a period when a lot of vehicular movement takes place by personnel of the Elections Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL), local and international observers as well as conveying elections materials. It will definitely not augur well for any form of fuel shortage to be experienced within this period and commendably NP (SL) Ltd has put the situation under control.

Apart from petroleum products, the company markets gas cookers known as NP Gas. It is designed in sizable varying cylinders and sold at various NP Filling Stations, this cooking device has been rated as one of the best that is on offer for sale. NP Gas is safe, user friendly and portable. Trying it will spur you to recommend it to others.

NP Smart Card is now in vogue and is one of the latest technological devices used to purchase petroleum products. Using it has attendant advantages as evident in procuring fuel at any time of the day even during times when monies could not be accessed from banks. It is secured, easy to use and very quick. It is now trending.

To crystallize proposed projects into tangible realities on the ground, Government needs the required financial resources to effectively do so and one sure way is from collection of taxes which is the mandate of the National Revenue Authority (NRA).  NP is one big tax payer to Government and it has been doing so timely.

The Company gives preference to Sierra Leoneans in terms of offering job opportunities within the ambit of the Local Content Policy. With time employees are exposed to training programmes that enhance their capacities in professionally performing respective duties.

NP(SL) Ltd pro-active stance in importing new stock of petroleum products before old stocks deplete or are exhausted helps greatly in maintain socio-economic stability and enhance national cohesion.


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