NRA Commissioner General Strengthens Partnership with Indigenous Business Community

The Commissioner General (CG) of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Ibrahim Brima Swaray, has on the 30th August, 2023 held a constructive dialogue meeting with representatives from the Sierra Leone Indigenous Importers Association (SLIIA) and the Sierra Leone Indigenous Importers Welfare Association (SLIIWA), in a proactive move to foster closer ties with key tax stakeholders,.

Foremost among the objectives of the meeting was to promote a better understanding of the business environment and to seek the valuable support of these indigenous importers in the crucial revenue collection process, as emphasized by the CG.

With regards to the importance of the engagement, SLIIA and SLIIWA conveyed their gratitude for the invitation extended to them by the CG further expressing their commitment to supporting the NRA’s endeavors. Representatives of both entities also highlighted the various challenges they face in their business operations and proffered recommendations aimed at enhancing voluntary compliance within their community.

In response to concerns raised and suggestions proffered, the Commissioner General assured the indigenous importers of his willingness and readiness to extend his support to their sector. He pledged to conduct a thorough review of the operations of consignees, a critical aspect of import processes. Furthermore, the CG announced the establishment of a complaint box at Customs, providing a direct channel for importers to voice their concerns and grievances.

Pinpointing the importance of the cooperation of indigenous importers in fulfilling their tax obligations, the CG stressed the significance of collecting accurate and reliable data. Such data, he noted, would play a pivotal role in shaping policies that would continue to promote and benefit indigenous businesses.

In another development and as part of broader efforts to create a more tax-friendly environment, the National Revenue Authority will implement a robust tax education campaign across the country. These educational initiatives, coupled with other reforms, are designed to ensure that tax regulations are better understood and compliance is facilitated.

The Commissioner General, Ibrahim Brima Swaray, expressed his anticipation of the continued support and collaboration of the Sierra Leone Indigenous Importers and Welfare Association in the tax collection process as the constructive dialogue marked a significant step towards strengthening the partnership between tax authorities and the indigenous business community.


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