NRA Upgrades ASYCUDA with Latest HS 2022 Common External Tariff (CET)

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By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The National Revenue Authority (NRA) announced on May 8, 2024, that it has implemented a significant upgrade to the ASYCUDA WORLD system, incorporating the latest version of the Harmonized System (HS) Code 2022 Common External Tariff (CET). This decision follows the recognition of the outdated HS 2012 and the subsequent collaboration with the EU/WCO Africa team to modernize the ASYCUDA WORLD.

The upgrade from HS 2012 to HS 2022 CET is now fully operational, with existing tariff rates remaining unchanged. Alongside this transition, the 2022 version incorporates additional items in alignment with the Finance Act 2024. However, it’s crucial to note that the ASYCUDA WORLD currently employs the HS 2022 CET with the same rates as the previous version.

In a proactive move to optimize operations and ensure regulatory compliance, the Customs Service Department at the NRA has engaged stakeholders in the clearing and forwarding sector. This initiative complements the completion of the ASYCUDA WORLD upgrade, facilitated by the EU-WCO Africa team.

Commissioner Tennyson Bio of the Customs Service Department elucidated the purpose of these engagement sessions, aiming to familiarize stakeholders with the updated HS Code within the ASYCUDA WORLD System. He emphasized the benefits of the upgraded system, including increased revenue collection and enhanced accuracy in trade statistics.

The HS Code, a globally recognized numerical system for product classification by customs authorities, is undergoing a significant upgrade within the ASYCUDA WORLD System. This upgrade is poised to streamline customs procedures, fostering efficiency, accuracy, and transparency.

A notable outcome of the engagement sessions was the provision for detailed descriptions of all petroleum products. Assistant Commissioner of Central Services, Mrs. Lizbal E. Heroe, underscored the impact of transitioning to the 2022 version of the HS Code on import and export processes. She also highlighted the user-friendly nature of the new version, particularly within clearing and forwarding operations.

The NRA’s proactive approach underscores its commitment to modernizing customs operations and facilitating a seamless transition to the latest HS Code version within the ASYCUDA WORLD System. Through collaborative efforts with stakeholders, the authority aims to facilitate trade and uphold compliance with international standards.


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