NYPD Boosts Sierra Leone Police Safety with 500 Ballistic Vests

By PEL Koroma

The New York Police Department (NYPD), in a display of international cooperation and goodwill, has made a significant contribution to the Republic of Sierra Leone Police Department by donating 500 ballistic vests. The handover ceremony took place in New York City, strengthening the ties between the United States and Sierra Leone.

Through the efforts of His Excellency Sidique Abou-Bakarr Wai, Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the United States, the collaboration was made possible through his network and relationship with Mayor Eric Adams of New York City.

In April of the previous year, Ambassador Wai approached Mayor Adams, seeking support for equipping and training the Sierra Leone Police. Responding to the call, Mayor Adams generously agreed to provide assistance.

NYPD Acting Police Commissioner, Edward A. Coban, expressed his gratitude for the support from Mayor Adams, stating, “With the generous backing of our New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, the NYPD was able to donate 500 ballistic vests to the Republic of Sierra Leone Police Force.”

He also emphasized that the NYPD is always ready to lend a helping hand to fellow Police Officers from around the world, ensuring their safety and security.

The donation of the ballistic vests marks a significant milestone in the bilateral relations between Sierra Leone and the United States. The longstanding friendship and cooperation between the two nations have continued to foster stronger ties over the years.

At the official handing over ceremony in New York City, key representatives from both countries were present to commemorate this momentous occasion. Deputy Chief of Mission, Sheku Mesali and Mohamed Kosia, Trade and Investment Liaison at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington, DC, witnessed the event, underscoring the importance of the collaboration.

The Republic of Sierra Leone Police Department expressed their profound gratitude to the NYPD for the generous contribution, which will undoubtedly enhance the safety and protection of Police Officers in Sierra Leone. The gesture highlights the spirit of solidarity and cooperation between law enforcement agencies across the globe, working together to create safer communities for all.



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