Onga’s Third Annual Customer Appreciation Event Spreads Joy Across Freetown

By Foday Moriba Conteh

Premium Divine Trading Company Limited, the strategic agent of Promasidor Holdings responsible for introducing and growing the Onga food seasoning brand in Sierra Leone, have embarked on a heartfelt initiative to appreciate their loyal female customers during the International Women’s Day week.

The week-long celebration which included Saturday 9th March, 2024 saw Onga representatives visiting major markets across Freetown, accompanied by traditional drumming and dancing to the nation’s favorite cultural music. That endeavor was aimed to honor women who have supported the Onga brand over the years, affectionately referred to as “Onga Mummies.”

During their visits to various markets such as Waterloo, Tombo Park, Wellington, Calaba Town, Portee, Kroo Town Road, and Dove Cut Markets, Premium Divine Trading distributed free samples of their new Onga stew and beef products to women. Additionally, they organized a lucky dip, surprising and delighting market women with free gifts as a token of appreciation.

The Onga Mummies expressed their gratitude for the unprecedented initiative, pledging their continued loyalty to the brand. They commended Onga for recognizing their contribution to the culinary landscape of Sierra Leone and vowed to support its growth in the future.

Speaking to pressmen, Kwaku Ampadu Afoani, Head of Sales at Premium Divine Trading Limited, emphasized the significance of holding such events for the past three years. He expressed confidence that these initiatives would motivate Onga Mummies and women across Sierra Leone to continue supporting the brand.

Afoani highlighted the global tradition of women coming together on March 8 to celebrate International Women’s Day, emphasizing the company’s commitment to honoring their Onga Mummies on this occasion.

He underscored the pivotal role of women in the food industry and emphasized Premium Divine Trading’s role as a marketer and distributor of food products, mentioning the company’s portfolio, which includes popular brands such as Cowbell, Miksi, Kremela, and Onga, the favorite seasoning in Sierra Leone.

Afoani elaborated on the various variants of Onga, including Onga Beef Flavour, Onga Shrimp Crevette, Onga Chicken Poulet and the new Onga Stew Flavour, noting that all these products are manufactured in Ghana by Promasidor Ghana Limited for export to West African countries, including Sierra Leone, with Premium Divine Trading serving as the sole distributor and marketer.

In conclusion, Afoani encouraged women in Sierra Leone to continue patronizing the company’s products, particularly the new Onga Stew Flavour, which he hailed as one of the best food seasonings in the country.

Isatu Kamara, one of the beneficiaries of the company’s gesture, expressed her gratitude for the initiative, highlighting the exceptional taste of Onga products. She commended the company for its efforts and emphasized the motivation it provided to all Onga Mummies and women to continue supporting the brand.

She took the opportunity to wish all women across the country a Happy International Women’s Day and urged them to choose Onga products for their exceptional taste and quality. Isatu concluded by encouraging women to continue purchasing Onga products to enhance their culinary experiences.

As the celebrations concluded, Premium Divine Trading reaffirmed its commitment to providing high-quality food products to the people of Sierra Leone, promising to uphold its tradition of celebrating and honoring its loyal customers, especially women, in the years to come.


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