Optimism running High for NP to Clinch 2019 AWOL Award -Send IB3 to Short Code 2713 via Africell


    By Amin Kef Sesay

    Nine days from now we will witness one of the biggest social events within this festive season which many are expectantly looking forward to be part of. This long awaited event is the 2019 National Achievements Awards to be hosted by the well renowned All Walk of Life (AWOL) at the prestigious Bintumani International Conference Centre at Aberdeen to commence at 7pm. Among one of the institutions that have been nominated for this year’s award, in the category of ‘Best Indigenous Company of the Year’ there is the indomitable National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) which specializes in the importation of high grade qualitative petroleum products and other ancillary items. Proudly, the company was the recipient of the last year (2018) AWOL Award, received by the company’s Managing  Director, Kobi Walker, who dedicated it to the original 35 shareholders that established the company years back.

    Taking the conversation to another level, bagging the 2018 Award does not in any way preclude the company from receiving the 2019 Award if it so pleases members of the public to throw their lot behind it. For now, there is a clear indication that the voting process is hyper on-going and to vote for NP-SL Ltd it is just as simple as drinking a glass of water. All what an individual needs to do is to just send IB3 SMS to short code 2713 via Africell. Indeed, your vote can indeed make a big difference.

    Undoubtedly, some may want to question what is so special about NP-SL Ltd for people to cast their votes for the company. This may not be a confrontational question but one that maybe coming from those who know little about the immense contributions that the company had and is making towards the socio-economic development of the nation.

    The company has carved an enviable reputation as 1st for Customer Care. As a matter of fact, it has so prioritized it to such an extent that it is factored in its business transactions with the avowed objective of giving utmost satisfaction. Towards the achievement of that it ensured that its pumping machines installed at various Filling Stations are well calibrated, displaying prices and quantity in order to enhance transparency. This instils confidence among its numerous customers and encourages others to come on-board.

    If today many are gaining easy access to petroleum products at affordable prices then that is largely due to the pro-activeness of the shareholders and various Management teams that have steered and still steering activities within the company. This alacrity, on the part of the company, makes it quite possible for these products to be easily accessed preventing the occurrence of shortage that will give rise to dire consequences and grind overall national development to a halt.

    What is so striking about the company is the mere fact that it is truly indigenous , formed by 35 Sierra Leoneans who ploughed their end of service benefits as former workers of the British Petroleum Company by buying shares from the then Government that was in power to form the National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited. Since its formation, the shareholders have maintained its indigenous posture. It is the company’s policy to have in its employ indigenes as long as they are competent enough to perform tasks assigned to them instead of bringing expatriates.

    This posture by the company has helped in giving job opportunities to those who were hitherto unemployed thereby contributing towards poverty alleviation. Many have applauded the company for such saying it is a true manifestation of adherence to the country’s Local Content Policy.

    To make cooking simple, the company has on offer for sale NP Gas, a device used for cooking and is fuelled by gas which it markets. Manufactured in different cylinders, NP Gas is marketed at the company’s various Filling Stations and they are going at affordable prices.

    NP Smart Card is a latest technological device used to purchase fuel without the hassle of having physical cash in one’s personal possession. This Smart Card which can be accessed at NP could be uploaded with money which in turn can be used intermittently to procure fuel. Many have confessed that it is a reliable and the quickest way of securing petroleum products and very efficient in that direction.

    Impressively, the company is among pacesetters that have expanded its operations beyond its shores as it has branches in neighbouring Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia where they are vibrantly operating. This has brought pride to many with some claiming that it shows that with brains and determination Sierra Leoneans can climb higher heights.

    With an iota of just some of the good things that the company had been and is still doing many say it is imperative that Sierra Leoneans should vote for an indigenous company that has stood firm during the thick and thin of business transactions. Although it is yearning for debts owed it by both public and private institutions as well as gaining easy access to foreign exchange, however, it is determined to do exceptionally well in 2020.

    Vote now: Just send IB3 SMS to short code 2713 via Africell. It has been noted that NP-SL is serving as an inspiration to many and we should be very proud of that.



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