Optimizing Customer Satisfaction is Brewery’s Mission

The Sierra Leone Brewery Limited has etched its name in the sand of times as one of the most vibrant business entities rated to be a success story in terms of positively contributing to national growth in diverse ways. The Company is the leading brewer of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, such as Beer, Maltina, Guinness Stout, Mutzig etc that have become the favorites of citizens and non-citizens. Customers of Brewery have copiously heaped showers of praises on the company for qualitative brewing of drinks which many have confessed gives them optimal pleasure and satisfaction when consuming various brands.
Mindful of maximizing customer satisfaction the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited over the years have been making positive strides to efficiently enhance its production chain. It has financially invested hugely in procuring state of the art machinery matching international best standards. This is evident in increasing its fermentation tanks, upgrading its waste water treatment plant, mash filter equipment, CO2 and Cooling plants, and making use of latest technological machinery.
Exemplary, SLBL has been rated as one business entity in this country that has been executing the Local Content Policy very seriously and doggedly sticking to it thereby promoting empowerment and enhancing poverty reduction. Sorghum is an integral ingredient that is used in the production of the company’s cherished beverages. Today there are over 25,000 Sorghum farmers in different parts of the country that are cultivating the product and selling their produce to SLBL. The company has been empowering these farmers with the avowed objective of making them more productive and self-reliant. Without any gainsaying the symbiotic business relationship between Brewery and these farmers is greatly helping in the area of poverty reduction especially when cognizance is taken of the fact that most of them are presently experiencing improved standards of living.
This medium is very mindful of the fact that the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited is standing tall in the realm of effectively and commendably churning out its Corporate Social Responsibility that have been meaningfully impacting the lives of residents within the Wellington Industrial Estate where the company is located and even beyond. Health facilities, taps, offering of scholarships to deserving pupils and students, offering of employment opportunities, youth empowerment, supporting social activities form a small portion of what the company has offered and still continues to do all in a bid to complement Government’s development interventions.
It is widely known that one of the major sources where Government derives revenue to undertake development programmes is through tax mobilization. Amazingly, the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited is one of the largest tax payers to the National Revenue Authority and it is doing so in a timely manner.
To further improve the efficiency of its bottling operations and to ensure its service to its revered customers, Sierra Leone Brewery Limited has just completed an extensive overhaul and maintenance to its bottling plant. The project, which immediately follows the most expensive brewery expansion and upgrade in facilities, is another large investment of the company in the economy and manufacturing sector of Sierra Leone.
Many were delighted that the SLBL conducted a massive overhaul and extensive maintenance of their machines based on planned schedule, manufacturers’ recommendations and international standards.
In order to ensure efficiency the company employed the services of Krones, a German firm that specializes in the supply and modernization of plants, together with a large team of SLBL’s locally trained Sierra Leonean engineers that conducted the process which was completed in the first week of February.
It is good news that maintenance and high standards are part of the company’s culture. The objective was to renew the packaging equipment based upon international best practice and manufacturing excellence principles. With this, the upgraded bottling line is now more efficient and capable of producing more products with the same high international standards now and in the upcoming years which the company’s revered consumers will continue to be proud of.
The company’s canning line is functioning effectively and subscribers are gradually getting used to the drinks it is producing. It has noted however that the temporal halt in bottled drinks production as a result of the overhaul has created a slight shortage of the company’s bottled products.
However many appreciated when the company assured that their brand new canning packaging line that was recently commissioned is in perfect working order and stocks from the canning line are now filling any shortage that emerged.
With no iota of exaggeration the Sierra Leone Brewery Company is an entity that continues to climb higher heights, will further win the minds of many and meaningfully contribute to overall national development.
Indeed, SLBL will continue to maximize customer satisfaction. Sierra Leone Brewery Limited planted its roots in the field of manufacturing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to consumers over 57 years ago. The establishment has continuously expanded its product range through innovation to meet customer satisfaction at all levels. Their endeavor is to establish not just a contractual relationship with our stakeholders but to build relationships which are lasting and rewarding to the country and to contribute to the growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
All their products are certified and following all the regulations as per approved local and international standards. SLBL manufactures Star Beer, Mutzig Premium Beer, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Salone beer, Trenk Energy Drink and Maltina Non-Alcoholic. We also market Heineken Beer, Strong Bow Cider, Fayrouz malt none alcoholic drink, Royal Club range of soft drinks and Climax Energy Drink.


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