Orange Mobile Finance Asserts No Links with Super Advertis, Calls for Ethical Conduct

By Abubakarr Harding

On 3rd January, 2024, Orange Mobile Finance has issued a public statement clarifying its position regarding recent unauthorized activities associated with Super Advertis. The company has confirmed that it does not have any contractual relationship with Super Advertis and that there are no accounts under the name of Super Advertis frozen within the Orange Money platform.

The company has reiterated that all Orange Money agents, dealers, and partners are contractually bound to operate within specific guidelines, and any deviation results in regulatory actions to protect the interests of customers. This is part of Orange Mobile Finance’s commitment to maintain a secure and trustworthy environment for its users.

Customers who may have unknowingly transacted with Super Advertis through the Orange Money service are being advised to contact the agent they dealt with to initiate the refund process. Orange Mobile Finance ensures that all its agents are equipped with the necessary processes for resolving operational challenges, including direct communication with the company’s back-office support.

Orange Mobile Finance has also addressed concerns regarding social media posts by Super Advertis that have incited the public to damage the company’s property and premises. The company strongly condemns these incitements and urges Super Advertis to stop promoting such harmful behavior.

Upholding legal and ethical standards is a cornerstone of Orange Mobile Finance’s operations. The company continues to operate with transparency and adherence to Sierra Leonean laws and regulations, reinforcing its status as a reputable entity in the international finance domain.

The company reiterates its willingness to collaborate with all legally established companies interested in forming a partnership in Sierra Leone. Orange Mobile Finance is committed to serving its customers with utmost integrity and assures the public of its unwavering dedication to ethical business practices.


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