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Orange Mobile Company,

By Abubakarr Harding

Orange Money officially opened a new office on Hill Station during a well attended ceremony held on the 13th December, 2022  geared towards providing the space  for the operation of all Orange Money transactions in the country.

In her welcome address, Madam Abibatu Baxter, stated that the journey leading to the establishment of Orange Money started long years ago. She added that, their aim is to deepen financial inclusion in Sierra Leone. She thanked all those that have supported the establishment of Orange Money.

The Chief Executive Officer of Orange Money, David Mansaray explained that in 2019, he joined Orange Money after he resigned from the Standard Chartered Bank. He added that, when he joined Orange Mobile Company, he discovered that there was a huge gap in the financial sector in terms of limited access to financial services in the country.

He further stated that he discovered that banks were finding it extremely difficult to establish branches in remote areas because it was not cost effective. Based on this, he stated that, people were not comfortable in putting their money in the banks.

With Orange money, he said that, it is now possible for people to embark on financial transactions without going into the banks. At first he stated that, people were reluctant to do mobile money transactions but employing renewed strategies people are now comfortable in using mobile money.

“We have recruited more agents and staff and also enter into partnership with lots of banks in the country,” said the Chief Executive Officer of Orange Money, adding that, they have also established lots of systems to ensure people receive remittance from overseas at the comfort of their homes.

“Before now, only Orange Money customers can use orange money,” he said, adding that it has changed. He continued by stating that, they are proud that Orange Money is an household name in Sierra Leone, adding that, they are proud of bringing financial inclusion to remote areas of the country.
“The journey has started way back and we will continue to push and achieve our goals,” he said, adding that, they could not achieve it without the support of their staff. He further thanked their Chairman for the support. He also thanked the Central Bank for creating the conducive environment for them to thrive well, adding by underscoring that, there are countries in the world that are not enjoying such support from their Central Banks. He further said that, this has helped in financial inclusion in the country. Also, he thanked their customers for the support.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Orange Mobile Company, Sékou Amadou Bah technology has helped in enhancing innovative ideas in the mobile money transaction and deepening financial inclusion. He went on to say that it has helped in addressing the issues of access to financial services and breaking the digital divide.

He added that, Orange Money is poised to help in financial inclusion. He said that, Orange Money has helped in the elevation of poverty, stating further that, their customer base has increased to more than one million.

Sékou Amadou Bah went on to say that, Orange has committed to meeting their customers’ needs. He said that, the Orange Money has secured their own building, adding by committing that Orange Money is law-abiding and will continue to abide to the laws governing mobile money. He also extended his appreciation to their staff, partners for contributing in the growth of their business. He also thanked the Central Bank for the support.

Making a statement, the Bank Governor of Sierra Leone, Kaifala Kallon expressed that he is delighted to be part of the auspicious program. He further underscored that Mobile Money has helped in creating financial services to the people of Sierra Leone; especially in remote areas. He said that, they have committed to deepen financial services in Sierra Leone and make mobile money more convenient in the country.

In actualizing this dream, he urged the mobile money service providers not to relent to create more inroads to support the people of Sierra Leone in reaching out to all. He also commended Orange Money for the innovative ideas and called on them to extend their operations to remote areas.
According to the Director General of NatCA, Daniel Kaitibi thanked Orange Money for the support to the telecommunications sector. He underscored that the telecommunications sector is very productive in paying taxes than mining companies. He also assured that, they will continue to deepen their partnership with the Bank of Sierra Leone. He recalled that, before to make a call abroad it was very difficult and someone would walk for a very long distance to make a call.

He added that, today, things have changed as one will sit at home and make calls at his/her own convenience. He described the relationship between the banks and mobile money as very unique and positive in supporting the people of Sierra Leone. He also thanked the mobile companies for the increase of their coverage in the country.

Daniel Kaitibi assured that, he will not sit down and allow companies that are supporting the country to grow to die. He applauded mobile companies for the progress they have made in the 4G services and other areas.

Orange Money is a mobile money system that allows customers to access financial services using their Orange mobile phone numbers. This service gives customers the convenience to withdraw money at any time.





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