Orange SL Boosts Digital Learning with Generous Donation to Rogbaneh Secondary School for Girls

By Abubakarr Harding

Orange-Sierra Leone, made a significant contribution to the advancement of education by donating five state-of-the-art desktop computers to Rogbaneh Secondary School for girls in Makeni City, on Friday 21st July 2023, as part of the company’s unwavering commitment to support digital inclusion.

The generous offer, witnessed by esteemed key stakeholders, including the Mayor, Chief Administrator, Former Mayor Makeni City Council, Sierra Leone Teachers Union, teachers and students, was geared towards bolstering technological learning opportunities for young students.

In line with their broader mission to foster digitalization, Orange Foundation has been actively involved in promoting digital learning across the nation. Recently, five primary schools in Freetown were fortunate beneficiaries of Digital School Kits, an initiative orchestrated by Orange Foundation Group, further solidifying their dedication to education and technological advancement.

The Digital School Kits, valued at thousands of dollars, have been thoughtfully distributed to various primary schools throughout the country, including Kelmond Pre Primary School, Bethel Temple Preparatory School, Providence International Elementary School, Dele Preparatory School, and Chesterton Academy. These comprehensive kits encompass an array of cutting-edge tools such as tablets, Raspberry Pi’s, laptops, Bluetooth speakers, projectors, screens, and headset extension cables, all designed to enhance the digital and technological learning experience for young pupils.

The commendable efforts of Orange Sierra Leone in promoting digital literacy don’t stop there. Earlier this year, on Friday, February 10, 2023, Orange, in collaboration with German Development Cooperation, inaugurated the Orange Digital Center (ODC) in Freetown. The ODC serves as a dynamic ecosystem, offering various opportunities to support the development of digital skills and innovation across the nation.

This impressive facility includes a coding school, a solidarity Fab Lab – one of Orange Foundation’s digital manufacturing workshops, an Orange Fab startup accelerator and the Orange Ventures Middle East and Africa, which is the investment fund of Orange Group dedicated to nurturing talented startups emerging from the Orange Digital Center. The center offers all its programs free of charge and is accessible to individuals from all walks of life. Among the wide array of opportunities provided, young people can access diverse digital training, guidance to overcome project challenges and even startup acceleration programs.

Orange Sierra Leone’s continuous efforts in the field of digital learning are commendable, and their recent donation of desktop computers to Rogbaneh Secondary School for girls is yet another step towards bridging the digital divide and fostering a brighter future for the nation’s youth. With such initiatives, Orange is proving to be a transformative force in the educational landscape of Sierra Leone.


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